Former mother-in-law Sedokova: “Anna threw herself daughter”

Бывшая свекровь Седоковой: «Анна сама бросила дочь» Marina Cherniavsky, grandmother middle child Anna Sedokova – Monica, made an unexpected statement. She explained why the singer considers bad mother and why Sedokova is forbidden to see the child.
Бывшая свекровь Седоковой: «Анна сама бросила дочь»

Litigation between Anna Sedokova and her ex-husband stars Maxim Cherniavsky for custody of six-year-old daughter Monica not cease for more than six months. The last court, held last October, ruled that 35-year-old singer is not allowed to remain with the heir alone. To chat with a girl the mother can only in the presence of a social worker. In addition, the girl’s father is seriously fears that the ex-spouse may abduct the child.

Former mother-in-law of the artist remained aloof from the scandal and detailed how the family had a disorder. According to Marina Chernyavskaya, it Sedokova forced her son to go to court – supposedly Anna wanted to remove the child in the Russian TV show, forgetting that Monica is soon to go to school in Los Angeles.

“It all started in July 2017, Anna decided to take Mona to relocate for the filming of “Around the world in the time of the decree”. But Mona was enrolled at Los Angeles. She is an American citizen, and secondary education is compulsory and truancy is punishable by law. So Maxim was rushed to Mona’s home, where 23 Aug granddaughter went to the first class. And to Anna forcibly took the child, Max, in court got the definition of the place of residence of Mona in LA” – said Marina Chernyavskaya.
Бывшая свекровь Седоковой: «Анна сама бросила дочь»

Marina Chernyavskaya believes that Anna herself is to blame for the current situation. And although ex-mother-in-law of the singer claims that it is not condemns the behavior of the mother of her granddaughter, however, and respect Sedokova she is.

“If Anna agreed and signed a settlement agreement, it would not be “guards”, but it is not signed. And Mona have two weeks of vacation. In Cyprus I rented a house by the sea, came the friends of Mona’s, but the “wonderful mother” resting on the Cote d’azur and exposes tearful posts, giving false interview. Tell me, how to respect it?” – posted by Marina.

In addition, Cherniavsky admitted that since the birth of Monica the singer did not practically a child, spending most of his time at work in Russia.

“Monica from birth lives with his dad. Anna went to Moscow, when Monet was a month and a half to the presentation of the film “Pregnant”, where she played played a major role with Duuuum. Returned three months later, stayed for two weeks and left again. And so for six years. Maxim didn’t mind – it’s her right to build her life the way she wants and earn as he can. Mona never a bad word heard about your mom and will not hear, no matter what. Anna came as they wanted and daughter are seen equally,” wrote Cherniavsky.

Former mother-in-law of the Russian star, and her son, Monica’s father, are going in that whatever was to seek justice. “We still, as Anna lives, and what life is – it is her right and her responsibility, but Monica to see it will not know, even if it means suing to adulthood Monica,” concluded Marina Chernyavskaya.