Former model Gigi Hadid decided to become a designer Ripped jeans are always in trend.

Former model Gigi Hadid decides to become a designer Quickly recovering from her pregnancy, the older sister of the flawless Bella Hadid Hadid) is already ready to take the fashion world into her own hands. model Gigi Hadid decided to become a designer” />

Gigi Hadid graced the covers of almost all fashion magazines such as Vogue and InStyle, and also participated in advertising campaigns for the world's leading designers Versace, Fendi and Valentino.

But the other day, the supermodel officially announced through Vanity Fair that she had decided to try her hand as a designer. On social media, Hadid announced the launch of her new line of knitwear “Guest In Residence”, which means “Guest in the residence.”

“Working on something … with love,” she signed her post.

And as a future fashion designer, Gigi Hadid should become a role model, one might say an exponent of fashion even in an ordinary informal setting.

The paparazzi do not get tired of fixing the images of the 27-year-old beauty in casual style at different moments of her life.< p>And what do we see?
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