Former managers johnny Depp require to carry out his examination on sanity

Бывшие менеджеры Джонни Деппа требуют провести ему экспертизу на вменяемость

Fight Hollywood actor johnny Depp, the races of the franchise “pirates of the Caribbean” and his former financial managers of the company TMG is becoming more and more disgusting. In a new lawsuit filed by the management company, who is now in a state of legal war with the star of the screen, stating that the star of the screen has a “compulsive deviations” concerning its huge financial expenditure, and it supposedly will install any specialist in psychiatry. They insist no relevant expertise in the near future to prove the inadequacy of johnny.

According to the publication, RadarOnline, at the time of dismissal of managers of the company johnny was spending on myself more than 2 million dollars a month, and it’s much more than he could afford. According to the lawsuit, Depp spent their fabulous fees and assets “on anything other than the timely payment of taxes”.
So, on the contents of 14 houses, a chain of Islands in the Bahamas and a horse farm in Kentucky left $ 75 million, 5 million left to shoot out of a cannon with the ashes and other johnny hunter S. Thompson, and Depp wine costs 30 thousand dollars a month.
Last month, commenting on the incident the scandal in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Depp said, “If I want to buy 15 thousand cotton pads a day is my business.”
For TMG this statement melted the last straw.
“Bragging Depp is in a state of extreme madness and a Testament to his mental disorders. Johnny suffers from a compulsive disorder that can be proved, through examination,” reads the lawsuit.