Former lead singer of “Chelsea” not ready to forgive the brutal attack

Бывший солист «Челси» не готов простить жестокое нападение Roman Arkhipov told about your condition on the “New wave” in Sochi. According to the musician, he has almost returned to normal. At the moment the situation dealt with law enforcement officers. They are looking for witnesses of state of emergency in the center of Moscow.
Бывший солист «Челси» не готов простить жестокое нападение

On the night of September 9, the former soloist of group “Chelsea” the novel Arhipov and his friends were brutally attacked in the city center. One of the intruders had a knife. The criminals stole from the contractor an expensive bracelet at a cost of several tens of thousands of rubles. The police opened a criminal case on robbery. “The worst thing is that in this area of Moscow at night works only two patrolmen, but nearby there are many clubs and pubs” – lamented musician.

The former soloist of group “Chelsea” the novel Arhipov was brutally attacked

Now the question is recovering after the incident. Roman arrived in Sochi at the festival “New wave”, where he met with the correspondent of “StarHit” and told about his condition. According to the artist, he feels much better.

“My head hurts a little. Thank God, feel good, and there were no fractures and serious injuries. However, the next day after the attack I was in the hospital and police so that a criminal case was opened. Still, I was attacked with a knife in the center of the city. I believe that it can’t be helped, because he could hurt anyone. Moreover, these same young people attacked other people with the attempted robbery,” – said Arkhipov.

The contractor also told about the jewelry that he was kidnapped by criminals. “This is a gift to a close friend, he was quite expensive. But the question is not whether to return the bracelet, but to prevent such things in the future,” said the young man.

According to Roman, he and friends were attacked by a group of people. The musician and his friends didn’t expect bystanders to be so aggressive.

“There were three of them. I was kicked in the head. Actually, I don’t remember, that was fast. There was some sort of fourth person, but apparently it was a random passerby… there were no Cameras. The police took measures to find people,” – says the artist.

After Arkhipov reported in social networks about the incident, the frightened relatives and friends began to call him with questions about what happened. Roman admitted that he had acted imprudently walking late at night. According to the singer, he is rarely in Moscow, as he lives in America. In those moments when Arkhipov still visits the capital, he loves to walk the streets – morning and night. Apparently, the artist previously haven’t been in this situation.

“I made a post on Instagram not to complain, but in order to attract the attention of the public, – said the musician. Guys, be careful. Still need to keep an eye on, at least at night and do not walk close to hot spots”.

After some time after the incident, the novel Arhipov has also turned to social media asking for help. “We need witnesses. Police are actively seeking the attackers. Your help is very important. This is right in the center of Moscow bandits roam and attack people”, – said Arkhipov.