Former lawyer Vladimir Friske “caught” him in a lie

Бывший адвокат Владимира Фриске "поймал" его на вранье
In this point, the father Zhanna Friske Vladimir suing not only with Dmitry Shepelev and Respond, but with one of his former lawyers.

Бывший адвокат Владимира Фриске "поймал" его на вранье

Not so long ago, Vladimir Borisovich said that going through the Prosecutor’s office to check the activities of the law firm Sergei Thunderstorms. Friske claims that gave him the envelope 2.7 million dollars on litigation related to the custody of the Shepelev Plato, but getting no result, I decided to return at least half.

Sergey Storm, of course, denies all attacks Friske and ready to account for the money received officially but in conversation with journalists has mentioned one interesting point.

– Perhaps Vladimir was angry at me after a conversation about his business in Dubai. Recently, he began selling his hotel. Asked to advise where best to invest money abroad. To this I replied that I am a patriot of his country and resources you need to transfer to Russia and to pay taxes, – said Sergey Storm.

But the most interesting thing is that earlier, Vladimir Khristenko in interview to TV channel REN TV, talked about the funds spent on the treatment of Jeanne, the following:

“I had a hotel in Dubai, I sold it. In that year, Jeanne became ill on 7 June and I sold it the 17th. After 10 days. There is a quick. Well, she was a small, family-run, three-star”.

So, still not sold Vladimir Borisovich hotel or he has several of them?

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