Former husband of Larisa Dolina begging for a meeting with daughter and granddaughter

Бывший муж Ларисы Долиной умоляет о встрече с дочерью и внучкой The singer has banned ex-spouse from seeing family. Larisa Dolina prefers not to comment on the relationship with Anatoly Monchinski. However, the man still hopes to establish contact with relatives.
Бывший муж Ларисы Долиной умоляет о встрече с дочерью и внучкой

The last 20 years Larisa Dolina happily married to a musician by Ilya Specimem. Periodically there are news that the couple broke up but the actress prefers not to comment on the rumors.

Valley does not like to talk about previous relationships. She was married three times, and each time she left the once-beloved men. So, marriage with the musician Anatoly Monchinski collapsed when their General daughter angelina was just three years old.

The Studio program “Let them talk” appeared Minchenkova current wife Galina, who for many years dreams that her husband peace of mind.

Former husband of Larisa Dolina was disabled

“You know, when my husband met with the Valley, he suffered from the death of his son. In addition to angelina, he has no other children. On the birth of a granddaughter, he even learned from the Internet. Sometimes I find a new granddaughter pictures, print them out for him, and he only on them, and watches as the girl Matures,” – said Galina.
Бывший муж Ларисы Долиной умоляет о встрече с дочерью и внучкой

The woman was quick to point out that they do not need the money in the Valley, and her husband wants only to see her daughter and granddaughter. According to Galina, Anatoly Monchinski long been trying to establish communication, but phone calls are invariably blocked.

The ex-husband the Valley also spoke about his vision of the situation. The man is sure that 35-year-old angelina somebody set up against him, because when my daughter was little, they are perfectly communicated. In the end, Monchinski decided to publicly call on the heiress.

“My dear Lina, I had the rare opportunity of a few words to tell you. Your dad still loves you, remember, but, unfortunately, I have to wait. I don’t know who are the people that effect on you, but you remember your childhood. How we loved each other, and I promise I will love you until the end of his life,” said Monchinski.

Valley previously accused ex-wife that he suffered from a serious alcohol addiction. According to the artist, she never loved the man truly, but tried to save the marriage for the sake of the child.

However, the current wife Minchenkova denies such accusations. According to her, in the 15 years that she lived with a man, he was drunk a couple of times. Also Galina denies the allegations and in the incapacity of a spouse. “It’s hard for him to walk, he had a second disability group, but he’s pretty active person. I read like Roofing took to drink, became homeless like his legs amputated. It’s all true,” – said the wife of the musician.

In the Studio there was also the second husband Victor Valley Mitasov. It also does not support a relationship with the artist. According to the man, he has made a significant contribution to the development of the popularity of the singer. However, the ex-husband does not hold grudges on Larisa Alexandrovna because she left him many years ago.

Many of the guests in the Studio have come to the conclusion that the Valley does not want to communicate with ex-husbands due to the fact that he feels guilty in front of them. Fans of the actress hope that in the near future she will be able to resolve all the existing contradictions and family will help her daughter to establish contact with his father.

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