Former husband of Kate Hudson intends to take away her son

Бывший муж Кейт Хадсон намерен отобрать у нее сына
The actress has exhausted the patience of the ex-spouse.

Бывший муж Кейт Хадсон намерен отобрать у нее сына

Kate Hudson with son Ryder


Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson


Looks like
the friendship of Kate Hudson with her ex-husband Chris Robinson, with whom he divorced
back in 2007, the year ended definitively and irrevocably. All this time
Hudson boasted that she was with all my exes kept a great
relationship. But the other day it became known that Robinson decided to sue Kate, deciding
away from her their child — 13-year-old son Ryder. Moreover, Chris
requires Hudson to pay all costs for this process. This was announced
the online edition

When it
almost 10 years ago, Robinson and Hudson have decided to divorce, they genuinely
believed that they will be able forever to keep friendly relations for the sake of his son.
They are without much dispute-agreed on joint custody of Ryder, and to
recently everything went according to plan. But Hudson, which, like Scarlett Johansson, admitted that it is incredibly difficult to remain faithful to one
partner in the last year changed so many Cavaliers, Chris
decided this is too much. Because such instability would be bad for
the psyche of a Rider who enters an already difficult adolescence.

First, Hudson met singer Nick Jonas, then started to walk resistant
rumors about her romantic relationship with brad pitt.

And recently she gave a reason to talk about the new
novel – rapper Wesley Pentzer acting under the alias of Diplo.
Kate and Wesley, who have already embraced “Paleostrovsky”
the party Vanity Fair.
And Robinson, apparently decided that it’s all too much. The fact that Pentz, father
two illegitimate children, enjoys the reputation of being a desperate womanizer. And Chris absolutely
not satisfied that such a subject was close to his son and put upon