Former husband of Helen Ksenofontova throws it on the street

Бывший муж Елены Ксенофонтовой выгоняет ее на улицу The actress will have a new round of litigation with ex-husband Alexander. According to friends of Elena Ksenofontova, he is going to deprive her of the shelter. Before the man claimed that the civil wife beat him, and fought with her for a daughter Sonia.
Бывший муж Елены Ксенофонтовой выгоняет ее на улицу

Actress Elena Ksenofontova was back in the center of the scandal. This time the former civil husband of the stars of the series “Kitchen” is trying to take away her apartment in Moscow, once given to him. Moreover, Alexander Red insists that the ex-spouse has to pay him monetary compensation. January 17 meeting to be held on the new case.

Elena Ksenofontova continues to fight with her ex-husband for her daughter

It intends to fight for housing, because she does not have another apartment. Elena’s friends try to support her in this difficult period. They do not hide that very surprised by the behavior of the former husband of the star. According to friends Ksenofontova, Redheads doing wrong, trying to cancel the contract of donation, in which once gave her the estate.

“Elena, it was obvious that the desire to select an apartment was the starting point for the nightmare that Alexander, not sparing energy, money, and your lawyer rich experience for more than two years trying to turn her life. And yet there was hope, that will prevail, if not common sense, then at least some basic ideas of honor and morality. In vain,” says the Director of the actress Natalia Tebelev.

Behind Elena Ksenofontova – dozens of court hearings and the verdict, according to which it was obliged to pay a fine for beating her husband. After the decriminalization of the relevant article of the criminal code with the actress dropped the charges. Director Helena’m sure she couldn’t raise a hand against a spouse. Tebelev expressed fears about the outcome of the new process.

“What decision will make the court this time? Kicked a woman with two children outside and stand on the protection of a professional lawyer, with impunity, do not perform for several months, the court order and not paying maintenance for his daughter? Why not. Do not be surprised. These two years taught me a lot not to be surprised,” said Natalia.

Tebelev emphasized that in favor of Ksenofontova “more than enough arguments”. According to Natalie, the court frequently neglected. The Director added that Elena didn’t want the publicity of a court showdown with her ex-husband. However friends of the star believe her case can help public interest. Many of them publicly supported Ksenofontova, spreading the word about its campaign for an apartment in social networks. Among those who sided with Elena, turned TV presenter and designer Tasha Strict.

“I think about what a wonderful actress, mother, and my friend once again forced to return to that hell! This endless round of court hearings, invented stories and lies! I want a human to help and really want to the story of Lena struck a chord, and this monstrous persecution is finally over!” she said.

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