Former husband of Anna Sedokova’s endangering her daughter

Экс-супруг Анны Седоковой подвергает опасности ее дочь Maxim Cherniavsky spends time in the company little Monica. Heiress Anna Sedokova fun with dad abroad. Male trying to please a girl.

Most recently, Anna Sedokova returned from America to Moscow and actively engaged in the work. Together with him she took her newborn baby of Hector and daughter of Alina. But the five-year Mo as it is affectionately known parents who stayed with their father in the United States. Maxim Cherniavsky every day pampers baby and contemplating leisure pet to the last detail. So, in addition to walks, sweets, swimming with dolphins and riding on the boat, the businessman gave the heiress a day of extreme sports. Relatives had a fun time climbing up over the water with the help of special devices. Realizing the danger of the undertaking, Maxim never left the girl alone.

“Flew. To be honest, I was very nervous to do this, even if it is lightweight, but extreme with Monica… But on the first day of the rest she saw in the sky a yellow parachute and since then, every day was asked: “In the sky!” And when we dared, and took off, she just screamed with delight and demanded more!” – said Chernyavskaya.

Members of the businessman has left dozens of comments that praised the idol for the love and reverent attitude to her daughter. They also noted that next to the baby he always looks happy and rested. Users of the social network noticed how much grown-up young beauty.

“Well done dad!”, “Well, you’re cool! Relax on the full”, “You’re a responsible dad, Max! Monica will definitely remember for a long time”, “charming Girl got older” “the way you like! It is so important for girls that a daddy”, “it’s good to be with my dad on the same page!”, “The exhilaration is priceless!” “The daughters own influence on fathers is so cute”, “Monica – copy of dad, not mom. Brave girl! Good”, “it’s not terrible, but safely!”, “That’s so cool! So it is necessary to relax! But you risked, of course, very!” – left comments fans of Maxim.

Interestingly, some surprises for girls the man was already arranged. For example, a year ago Cherniavsky have tried to show the heir of sea creatures, however, they are not impressed. This time, according to a doting father, a kid could not hold back emotions.

“They are pleasant those dolphins! Monica in wild rapture of love, left a lot of impressions. But as it turned out, this all comes with age… last year we went to see the dolphins, and she to them as the fish in the aquarium, looked and went on,” said the businessman.