Бывший супруг Ани Лорак забрал иск из суда и решил не делить имущество

Бывший супруг Ани Лорак забрал иск из суда и решил не делить имущество

The divorce of the famous singer Ani Lorak and Turkish businessman Murat Nalchajian was held on 31 January 2019, then all trials were terminated. The couple was married 10 years and for reasons unknown, divorced. However, young men in Kiev are marital property, which they wanted to share in an honest way through the courts.

4 Dec 2019, in Goloseevsky district court of the capital of Ukraine came to the official representative Murat and took the suit from the court. To divide marital property, the Turkish businessman has a change of heart. What is the reason for such decision is unknown.

The same day he appeared in court, the representative Ani Lorak and wrote a counter-statement in which it is about to close the case. That is, the singer doesn’t want to divide the property with her ex-husband and agrees to leave him full of himself.

The court made both statements and explained that from that moment none of them mind can. To apply to the court after a certain time, to divide jointly acquired property, no one else has the right. The representatives agreed on such requirements and signed all the necessary papers.

Most likely ex-spouses once agreed among themselves for this business and has decided these questions without the help of outsiders. However, official statements from both sides is still there.

Recently Ani Lorak gave an interview in which told how she went through a difficult divorce with Murat. She called the process “painful” but it is over now and she has a new boyfriend with whom she is completely on the same wavelength.

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