Former husband of Anastasia Volochkova’s failure to maintain her financial aid

Бывший супруг Анастасии Волочковой отказывает ей в финансовой помощи The ballerina complained of financial problems. Anastasia confirmed that her monthly expenses are very large, and Igor Vdovin often ignored the pleas of a young woman on monetary support. The star hastened to recall the ex-husband and a long-standing debt of several million dollars.
Бывший супруг Анастасии Волочковой отказывает ей в финансовой помощи

Anastasia Volochkova became the heroine of the program “You wouldn’t believe!”, telling not only about new projects but also the substantial monthly costs. According to star, she is actively involved in charity work, holds a dance show, but does it not for profit but for the soul. Famous blonde earns only on advertising campaigns and television set.

According to the stars, her expenses are increasing every month, and sometimes the funds to pay the bills is not enough. The ex-husband, businessman Igor Vdovin also in no hurry to provide Anastasia’s material support.

“When Igor says to me that nothing should be, he hints that he doesn’t care how we live Arish. I broke the boiler and walk around the house in coats because of the cold? Nothing to worry about! I know many men who touted his former women’s houses and apartments simply for the fact that they gave them love. I own a mansion I bought for myself that no one and nothing I couldn’t present”, – said Volochkova.
Бывший супруг Анастасии Волочковой отказывает ей в финансовой помощи

Star claims that are not accustomed to spending large sums on themselves. She eats mainly vegetables, can do without the expensive designer outfits. However, the dancer has to provide a team of twelve dancers, who are touring with her. Anastasia not only buys suits employees and pays the wages, but also ensures them comfortable during performances.

“I need to pay each way, the food, and it’s 12 tickets, beds in the rooms and bowls of soup in the restaurant. It takes lots of money. Charity performances don’t bring much income, I dance on them for the soul”, – said Volochkova.

The dancer previously talked about his difficult financial situation. Expenses required for the provision of a luxury car, which the star gave fan, and payment of bills for a huge house in the suburbs. Recently Volochkova even translated only daughter Ariadne out of the elite school in ordinary schools.

“No stress for Ariadne was not. It took the children, and I in gratitude was organized for them by speech. It came with 500 kids, I gave out hundreds of autographs,” said Anastasia.

The wallet Volochkova hit and a betrayal of the driver. According to ballerina’s, former employee stole more than a million rubles, and now she intends to return the money by any means.

Despite the financial crisis, Anastasia is not going to abandon the active charitable activities. Volochkova sure I can provide a decent life for himself and his beloved daughter, without the help of ex-husband.