Former driver Volochkova has refused to apologize for stealing money

Бывший водитель Волочковой отказался извиняться за кражу денег The man went towards the ballet dancer. Anastasia was ready to close my eyes to the fact that her worker Alexander Skirtach appropriated large sums of money. She wished he had the courage to apologize for the faults.
Бывший водитель Волочковой отказался извиняться за кражу денег

Yesterday, August 28, program “Let them talk” was devoted to the conflict Anastasia Volochkova with driver Alexander Skitaca. Famous dancer of the accused man that he is, polzovalis her trust, appropriated large sums of money. However, the former subordinate of the actress does not recognize his guilt and tries to justify himself.

Today presenter Dmitry Borisov tried to understand the complicated case. As it turned out, Alexander had a personal driver. Before Skirtach worked as a lawyer, but after he was ruined, did not indulge in familiar comfort. And if all day he carried Anastasia on her business, from his home to the mansion Volochkova he has ridden as a passenger, and it was driven by a hired chauffeur. A man named Ivan came to the Studio and told about some aspects of the work. It turned out that it was asked to buy drugs, which the male then hocus Volochkova. Moreover, he said that the case involved a wife Skirtach Sonia.

“This is his wife directly told me. I was asked to buy psychotropic drug. I thought it was Sonia, she was always stressed out, furious. I found. I thought for his wife Alexandra. There is one such pharmacy where you can buy without a prescription,” – said the man.
Бывший водитель Волочковой отказался извиняться за кражу денег

Anastasia confirmed that at certain points felt bad. She also remembered that Alexander had insisted on her coming home, the doctors and the drip. But then the dancer said that her debt to the clinic amounted to 42 thousand rubles. Volochkova was outraged, because she gave money to the driver so he paid for the services of physicians. Alexander strongly denied these allegations.

Бывший водитель Волочковой отказался извиняться за кражу денег“I was saved by the fact that you had access only to USD but to the ruble no,” Anastasia admitted.
Бывший водитель Волочковой отказался извиняться за кражу денег

Volochkova outraged that Alexander lacks the fortitude to apologize for the caused sufferings. She admitted that not even waiting for a refund from the old driver. Dmitry Borisov said to the man with the question whether he is going to settle the conflict with the ballerina.

“So I have Anastasia’s mother asked forgiveness. But after she started to threaten children, audio is, the statement is. What I got was a beating – is that okay? What forgiveness?” – asked a former driver.

Anastasia was horrified by what he heard words. She refuted the statements of men about the threats to his family.