Former Director Dzhigurda sure the fake wills Bratash

Бывший директор Джигурды уверена в поддельности завещания Браташ

As they say, the worst enemy – former best friend. Antonina Savrasov, former Director and friend, the infamous artist Nikita Dzhigurda sure that the open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, published on the pages of one of the publications supposedly with a light application of figure skater Marina Anisina those, actually wrote her famous spouse, who pursued several objectives: to attract attention to his person and removed from the will by his godmother Ludmila Bratash.

According to Savrasova, a letter addressed to the President, was not written by Marina and Nikita himself. Antonina, which conducted a side-by-side with the artist for many years, saw in him the style Dzhigurda.
“I’m sure it’s a letter he wrote Nikita – the style and manner of it. Marina sabirovna them is in his power and does what he says” – I’m sure Antonina. The letter itself Savrasov considers stupidity, and as a significant part of the audience only laughed at him.
Antonina was sure that Nikita Julita, when asked Vladimir Putin to protect his family from the attacks of the reporters, because the PR of the chair and his family needs like no other. The family earns a star for an interview and air time, and if it suddenly no longer be invited, “he will pester, just to get on the air.”
The second objective Nikita was to divert public attention from wills Ludmila Bratash, which, sure, Antonina, is a forgery. The woman does not exclude that the late businesswoman left a will behind, but I’m sure that it was clearly not in the form in which it demonstrates out of the chair.
Savrasov is perplexed and considers strange the fact that Bratash left a will on the letterhead of his company, and went to a lawyer, as required by law.
“Lucy something she could leave Nikita. Something the Marina. Of course, left the required amount and children Marina and Nikita for their education. But the inheritance could not leave in any way,” — said Antonina and says that “the paper, which shakes everywhere Nikita – a fake, fake”.
Savrasov believes that Lyudmila couldn’t fly to the dubious attorney in the USA to compose his will. On the letterhead of the company Bratash could make a will only in extreme conditions or in the face of death.
“But she was never in danger. Why didn’t she make all the rules – in the presence of two witnesses in dimensional form, as required by the laws of the United States?” — asks a rhetorical question of Antoninus and quite openly declares that “Lyudmila helped to die.”
Antonina sure that the money is “cursed” and will only bring unhappiness. She asked Nikita to refuse an inheritance and give the money to children with cancer.
“In this case he could under the law to any part, and its useless scrap of paper will get nothing and will only embarrass yourself once again” — said Antonina.