Former British Prime Minister David Cameron landed in a row over socks

Экс-премьер Великобритании Дэвид Кэмерон угодил в скандал из-за носков

The former head of the British government David Cameron was in the midst of a scandal due to the purchase in one of London’s supermarkets. While all visitors politely stood in line, David walked past them and out of the lineup I bought myself a pair of socks, which caused discontent among his countrymen.

In the video, which has spread through the British media and made it to our latitude, you can see how Cameron walks into the supermarket in the company of two bodyguards, he urgently needed him socks (discount), bypasses the long queue, is calculated and is published under the disapproving roar of the crowd.

The British shocked by this behavior of David and his already throw virtual rotten tomatoes at social networks and believe that the former official could stand in line like everyone else.
Recall that Cameron has left his post after the so-called Brassica – referendum in which the British decided to leave the European Union.