Бывший басист Оззи Осборна хочет отсудить у него $2 миллиона

Recently, the name of the musician Ozzy Osbourne appears on the pages of the tabloids only in a negative way. Mainly this is due to the scandal with the betrayal of the rocker and the intention of his wife Sharon Osbourne to divorce after 35 years of marriage.

Today it became clear that in addition to the problems in his personal life, Ozzy will have to deal with the problems of a professional nature.

The fact that Osbourne has filed a lawsuit and demand $ 2 million.

The situation is as follows – Australian bassist Robert Daisley worked with Ozzy on the recording of the albums “Blizzardof Ozz” and “Diary of a Madman” solo project of Ozzy Osbourne.

According to the man, his work was done perfectly, that’s just Ozzy, its not encouraged financially.

Requires daisley Osbourne royalties, which he allegedly never received. At the same time, the company Blizzard Music claims that Robert behaves dishonestly, saying that he did not pay.

“Over the last 36 years Daisley regularly received checks from the company Blizzard Music, totaling in the millions of dollars, which he subsequently cashed. Several auditing firms have checked the account Daisley and found no financial discrepancies. He has previously filed lawsuits in the US and the UK who were not satisfied, — said the press attache Osborne Marcy Rondan and Mitch Schneider. — We understand that Daisley is retired, and these tools are his main source of income, but such behavior lasting for 36 years, is tantamount to persecution”.

According to Marcy and Mitch, they, along with Ozzy I hope that soon Daisley still lose interest in money that doesn’t belong to him rightfully, and cease to envy the success that he did not see.


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