Экс-невеста звезды «Обитаемого острова» стала жертвой мошенников
With actress Daria Egorova happened mystical story.

Экс-невеста звезды «Обитаемого острова» стала жертвой мошенников

Daria Egorova with colleagues on site

Daria Egorova is now removed in the film “Tinsel”,
where it plays a major role. Her character constantly turns Scam
for example, sell Chinese consumer goods, which gives for the cosmetics known
brands. Suddenly, the actress herself became a victim of fraud in real life. “Literally
recently, I was driving to the Bank, and, once in the tube, I decided to count the money, —
tells Daria 7days.ru. — This time I got a call from the set of “Tinsel”, and urgently called
to the site. And while I was all on emotions, found out the reason that happened
trim in shifts, automatically put the purse on the passenger seat. And
only at the Bank found out that I stole all the money, probably pulled
through the open window, but I didn’t even notice how it happened. Of course, I am very
upset. Colleagues on the court as he could, comforted me, and then began
to argue philosophically, they say, in life there is always something goes and something comes and
wanted to get more than lost.”

In the film directed by Lilia Trofimova “Tinsel” also
removed Elena Zakharova, Grigory siyatvinda, Viktor Bychkov, Olga Khokhlova,
Irene Nelson and other actors.

Elena Zakharova

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