Смена формата: успешные телеведущие, ставшие видеоблогерами How web users respond to well-known journalists. Malakhov, Churikova, Parfenov and other celebrities, who for many years worked on different channels, try their hand at recording a video and publish them online.
Смена формата: успешные телеведущие, ставшие видеоблогерами

Recently, well-known TV presenter Leonid Parfyonov presented to the Internet audience your video project. In the first place, he hastened to tell that he was motivated to change the TV format on the weblog. The journalist admitted that for 14 years in the state none of the television companies, however, have not lost the love of the audience through the camera. “StarHit” has decided to remember who of the famous TV presenters decided to improvise and take advantage of bezradichi opportunities of the Internet.

Leonid Parfyonov

69 thousand subscribers

Leonid Parfyonov became famous in the early 90s, when it became the author and host of public-political program “Namedni”. He has also created documentaries in which stories are told about the history, people and events of our country.

Recently Leonid Parfyonov has created a video blog “Parthenon”. His work he began on 19 February and just a day was able to collect tens of thousands of fans. On the idea of the journalist, it means once a week to review important, in his opinion, events in the life of the country. The presenter admitted that the first time he has to work the camera himself, without an assistant professional operator.

“The Parthenon is a weekly show by Leonid Parfyonov on a bottle of wine from his collection (about which he says the entire issue) shares his impressions about last week. Events, historical bundles, people, cultural phenomena – everything that touches the heart, Leonid and what he wants to share with the Youtube audience” – so Leonid presented his new project.

Yana Churikova

313 subscribers

In the late 90s Yana Churikova became one of the most prominent leading youth music channel MTV. She appeared in the “12 angry viewers”, “a Great movie” and then switched to the First channel, when there are such shows as “star Factory”, “Golden gramophone” and others. Since 2013, the journalist headed the updated MTV Russia.

Смена формата: успешные телеведущие, ставшие видеоблогерами

From time to time Ian posts a video blog called Chu_Talk. Churikova talks on various topics with an interesting, in her opinion, heroes. Despite the fact that the first story appeared in late January, while the fans are not very supportive She is, her channel gained only 313 subscribers.

Andrey Malakhov

118 thousand subscribers

Popular TV host and chief editor of the project “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov with the mid-90s led the program “Good morning” in the early 2000s, appeared on a talk show, “the Big wash”, and then “Let them talk”. Now the journalist is producing the transfer of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” and appears in the TV channel “Russia 1”. On Saturdays he hosts the program “Hello, John”. Easy start: how Andrey Malakhov started his career in the most popular show of the country

Смена формата: успешные телеведущие, ставшие видеоблогерами

Since June of last year, lead has created a blog on YouTube. Most often, it publishes exclusive recordings, which were not included in his talk show. Sometimes Malakhov talks to celebrities in an informal setting that helps the fans a new look on some celebrity. Fans have been eagerly waiting for new videos on the channel. Now the blog Malakhov has more than 118 thousand subscribers.

Tutta Larsen

38 thousand subscribers

Journalist tutta Larsen began his career on the music channel “Muz TV” and then switched to MTV. She led various talk shows, charts, prizes and live entertainment. Tutta also worked on various radio stations, and more recently appears in the air children’s channel “Carousel” together with her daughter Martha.

Смена формата: успешные телеведущие, ставшие видеоблогерами

But in 2015, Larsen tried his hand as a vlogger. She talks about motherhood – childbirth and parenting, shares tips and gives useful recommendations. At the presenter’s three heirs – daughter Martha, sons Luke and Joe. Channel Tutta.tv popular among moms and all those who are expecting a baby – now there are over 38 thousand subscribers. Tutta Larsen: “In our family everything revolves around children”

“The project was born due to the fact that our Vanya. Of course, its creation helped his son. And to bring the van helps the project. Some of our programs often offer me food for thought and useful information that I use in the education of Ivan”, said tutta in an interview with “StarHit”.

Sergey Druzhko

2.7 million subscribers

TV presenter Sergei Druzhko was at the peak of popularity in the mid-2000s, when the broadcast channel TNT, has left the program “strange but true”. The objective of the show was to talk about mystical events and conduct an investigation. Has also appeared on “Ren TV” in the program “Fantastic stories”. However, after that, he disappeared out of sight and regained glory after nearly 10 years, but in the Internet space.

Смена формата: успешные телеведущие, ставшие видеоблогерами

In April 2017 in YouTube appeared the first issue of “friend of the Show”. To date, the video has gained over 15 million views and became a prominent figure in the Russian blogosphere. Regularly, he talks about important Network events. However, the Internet helped him to return to television – last year, he was “Revealing the mystical secrets” on the channel “Moscow. Trust.” However, Sergei continues to shoot video for a blog.

“In recent years, more and more users get into the network of the world wide web and remain there forever. What is it: the amazing world created for human development, or a black hole, absorbing all our free time? I came to understand these network jungle. I — Sergey Druzhko, and it’s my show about the Internet” – that characterized the leading the project.

Victoria Bonia

76 thousand subscribers

Throughout the year, from 2006 to 2007, Victoria Bonya was a member of the popular telestroke “Dom-2”. However, the project did not bring her happiness in his personal life, but helped in their career, she became the host of the program “Cosmopolitan. The video version” and then “Vacation in Mexico-2”. At the moment Victoria does not appear on the TV screens, but moved to the online environment.

Смена формата: успешные телеведущие, ставшие видеоблогерами

Bonia share with fans the secrets of beauty care for body and shape, as well as events of personal life. Moreover, last year she monetized the content is valuable, in her opinion, the Soviets could not get anyone for free. Special application demanded payment, which caused negative feedback from users. For all time of existence it has been downloaded five thousand users.

“My readers are girls who lead an active lifestyle, interested in the knowledge which could help them to become independent, interesting and not to look with an open mouth at the man. I hope that my reader will be. The app will also be interviews with the stars,” promised Victoria.

However, some YouTube videos were popular, and 76 thousand users are closely watching the emergence of new shots.

Yuri Dude

2.5 million subscribers

Sports journalist Yuri Dude worked on radio, on television, online and print publications. On the channel “Russia 2” he led the transfer of “header”, and from 2015 on, the “cult tour” on the “Match TV”.

However, the popularity of Yuri brought his video interview on YouTube. On the channel “wdud” he spoke with a variety of popular figures – from rappers to politicians. Despite the fact that all the conversations are informal and last about an hour, many fans watch with interest each issue. During the year, the Dude managed to collect 2.5 million followers and become one of the ten successful bloggers with a high level of income.


Maria Kravtsova, better known as Marika, appeared on the screens in the mid-2000s on MTV. She led a variety of programs such as “Night flirt”, “style Guide” and others, and a few years later appeared before the audience in the program “Shopaholics”.

Now, however, Kravtsova does not conduct any show and plunged into the fashionable trend of healthy eating. Now in his microblog she posts videos and shares tips with fans.

“I occasionally make comments that I “suggest” something and not tell you that there is such a thing as idiosyncrasy, disease, and especially in which something is impossible or possible with caution. I think anyone to blame will always find a reason to do it, and to tell all the details of each product is not enough book. But just in case, I still want to warn you now and let this applies to all my posts. I do not advise. If I eat or not eat a particular product, it does not mean and I don’t mean that you need to do the same,” warns the presenter.