«Забудьте меня»: у «Мистера Синтола» начались проблемы со здоровьем Cyril Tereshin in a panic said goodbye to the fans. The owner of a huge biceps “hands-bazookas” – told that is suffering from unbearable pain and now hopes only on God.
«Забудьте меня»: у «Мистера Синтола» начались проблемы со здоровьем

Cyril Tereshin has become famous all over the country for his unusually large biceps. The guy from Pyatigorsk “pumped” powerful hands with a subcutaneous injection of synthol, which inflated his muscles from the inside. So he became “Mr. Synthol”, the famous winner of the “hands-bazookas”. The young man, who after one television, a frequent guest of talk shows and a popular Internet blogger has repeatedly warned physicians that such manipulation very hazardous to health. But Cyril was so important self-confidence, he liked to be the center of everyone’s attention, he argued: the risk is justified.

However, it seems harmful injections still made themselves felt. Cyril has shared on his page “Vkontakte” with the subscribers, that really feels bad – the guy has a high temperature, unbearable pain, his hands were swollen and he can’t get out of bed. Tereshin said goodbye to the fans and now hopes only in God’s help.

“I am in “Vkontakte” do not you come, all, forget me, I lay on the bed, now barely stood up… After I started “doing” shoulders, arm swollen twice and gave the body a specific impact, problems specific to health, I am suffering. My mother is crying, I don’t know what to do. The temperature of 38.5… I just have to trust God that I’ll stay with her, I will lie in bed and pray to God,” wrote Cyril.

Similar post Cyril published in Instagram. Internet users were horrified by the photo of swollen and reddened hands, they wished the young person’s health: “Cyril, how about that?! I wish you health and mind more!”, “Told you smart people, what garbage do?” “I wish for you that all was well. Even if it’s a lie,” wrote “Mr. Synthol”.

Many viewers believe Tereshina ordinary freak and blame him for experimenting on himself for fame. Cyril never hid the fact that unexpected popularity brings him joy and money. He did not stop again and again to declare itself, it vybava the eyebrows and the head painted in bright colors, and recently agreed to an unusual photo shoot and tried on female, being blonde.

“Mr. Synthol” Cyril Tereshin has turned into a glamorous blonde