Foreign media: Beyonce divorce is inevitable

Зарубежные СМИ: развод Бейонсе неизбежен
Pop singer bringeth forth her husband’s tantrums.

Beyonce and Jay Z

Photo: Splash News/East news

Looks like Beyonce and spouses
Jay Z is not able to avoid divorce and the partition of the multi-million dollar property. Foreign media reported that the couple are strained to the limit. Neighbors
the singer claim that every day become unwitting witnesses of their scandals,
accompanied by smashing crockery and discarding personal belongings from their elite

Love relationship
Beyonce and Jay Z could never be called “simple”, but right now, as
foreign press says, they have become unbearable for both
spouses. One of the close friends of the couple told, for example, about a recent dinner party
which passed in the house of the singer. “The party has invited about ten people —
only the closest relatives and important business partners. But for
just PM Beyonce not spread with Jay Z and a couple of words. And
turn fully ignored his wife, and then completely disappeared, putting on her
shoulders entertain guests. She was upset and nearly cried…,” stated
one of those present.

And this is not
the first message, that the family of pop singer brewing
divorce. Some time ago, on one of the social events Beyonce a little
took over with alcohol. As a result, the guests witnessed how she
removed the wedding ring from his finger and loudly said: “I don’t
I want to be his wife! I’ve had enough!”. However, some of the singer’s friends quickly
caught on and took her while nobody managed to capture
what happened to the phone.

According to foreign
The media, the cause of the divorce may become the behavior of Jay Z, Beyonce which, not without reason, suspected of cheating. Now he is busy
producing several young performers, with whom he maintains warm and informal relationship that is jealous of him
wife. She sees them as rivals, and the rapper throws wood on the fire
their late delays at work. We already know that
the couple began to live in his rented house in California separately .

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