Foreign media are discussing the suicide note Prince

Зарубежные СМИ обсуждают предсмертную записку Принца The musician recently suffered from severe pain. However, not all publications accept this information as reliable. The Prince died at the end of April. After the sudden death of relatives can’t find the will to divide the inheritance.

      Зарубежные СМИ обсуждают предсмертную записку Принца

      On 21 April the Western media reported the death of popular singer Prince. The famous singer passed away at 58 years old. Despite the fact that since the death two months passed, the rumors and the hype surrounding the sudden death of the American artist is still not extinguished. Now foreign publications discuss the conflicting information found on the suicide note, Prince.

      Reportedly, among the papers of the artist was discovered to be a sheet torn from a notebook on which the musician wrote a few lines about your condition in the last days before death.

      “I need something that can stop the pain, even if that means it’ll have to end it. Time to leave, I do not mean to leave any time soon. I mean to leave now. Love, love, love”, – said in a note.

      However, some foreign media refute this information, stating that it is not true.

      It is also reported that for a long time the artist was suffering from pain in the knee and hip. In order to somehow ease the suffering, he took an analgesic. The source also said that the Prince was sick and tired of life, and contemplated suicide.

      Some time ago there was also discussed and how will be divided the inheritance of the artist. The house of the musician searched twice, but no evidence the will was found. The only direct successor of the world famous singer is his sister TIKA Even Nelson.

      “The documents complete chaos – say the people from the environment of the musician. – The last five years, Prince, it was impossible to get to sign anything. He was cheated out of contracts and copyright at a young age, and he developed paranoia associated with the signatures on the papers. Prince embarrassed that he slowly goes underground. He changed lawyers every year, but not listened to their recommendations. His most trusted advisers remained pretty 20-year-old model.”

      In addition to Tiki inheritance can claim another five people – two sisters and a brother on my father’s side, two brothers on my mother’s side. But Nelson made clear that he considers himself the main contender for the majority of the funds and property.

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