Сил не знал, что Хайди Клум вышла замуж

Henry Samuel, better known under the pseudonym Forces, did not want to talk to reporters about marriage to the former Heidi Klum with musician Tom Kaulitz. The singer told the paparazzi that didn’t even know about the wedding the mother of his four children.

Henry picked up the journalists in the International airport of Los Angeles. To the question about his ex-wife he said, “Let’s talk about something more interesting!”. Before that, Force said about the wedding of Heidi he did not know!

Later, the singer explained why not speak on the subject: “I’m just not interested in this topic. What should I say? What do you really want me to say? I’m just as confused as you!”

And while Forces fending off uncomfortable questions, Heidi is vacationing with her lover in Italy. Very soon the couple will throw a second wedding party, and while resting and walking on Italian streets.

Recently a couple was captured on the shopping. Heidi adorned her neck a pendant with a butterfly, but a necklace with the name of a loved one.

The other day for the rest of the stars are joined by Tom’s brother bill. Very soon the island will arrive, and others whom the couple invited to the second wedding celebration.

Last year, Tom and Heidi were also vacationing on the island and is immensely in love with him. I thought of the wedding venue, stars have not found a place better! “Last year they had a great vacation in Capri. Then Heidi realized that she and Tom are kindred spirits,”— said the insider.

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