Forbes again named Depp the most overrated actor

Forbes снова назвал Деппа самым переоцененным актером

Magazine for the second consecutive year the producers hinted that the 53-year-old actor gets too much money.

And the right would be too much – huge fees in Hollywood does not surprise, but we are talking about the fact that so much money johnny receives is not entirely deserved. And all because his film is not collecting so much money – that’s Depp and headed for the second time in a row the list of the most overrated actors. The authors of the list used for the analysis of three films with johnny, which was released in the year to June 2016, laid down their total revenue from rental and divided by the total amount of fees that they got the actor, thus determining the “ROI”. And it turned out to be a relatively low – according to estimates of Forbes, every dollar paid Depp returns with a profit of 2.8.

For example, the budget for the movie “Alice in Wonderland” was 177 million dollars, and the fees in America brought only 77 million, though worldwide the movie made another $ 300 million that this budget is not very much – according to the magazine, not the last role in low fees played a scandal to divorce johnny and amber heard, which happened just in time for the release of the film on the big screen.

However, in may of the following year on the screens will be the fifth part of “Pirates of the Caribbean” – given that the previous four earned in 3,7 billion dollars, johnny in 2017 would surely leave this is not the most pleasant for him, the hit parade.

By the way, the second most overvalued part took will Smith – he returns to the investors at $5 each paid him a dollar, and Channing Tatum with a factor of 6 took third place.