За просмотр «Друзей» можно получить тысячу долларов

Good news for fans of “Friends” for a continuous 25-hour viewing of the series you will be able to get a thousand dollars and a subscription to “Netflix”.

It seems the whole world is divided into two kinds of people: fans of the legendary sitcom “Friends” and superfandom, which can not only review the show but also to spend the whole day, even though I know by heart every episode. So, for the last category of people is very good news – the online retailer “Frontier Communications” will pay 1000 dollars to anyone who can watch “Friends” 25 hours in a row (easy! Isn’t it?).

Thus, “Frontier Communications” decided to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series, which first released back in 1994. From that time on “Friends” to become a part of everyone’s life without losing the glory so far, though the last season was filmed in 2004. So to win a thousand dollars the fans just need to sit on the couch and watch twenty-five hours merry adventures of Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Joey. According to estimates, this time will be able to view about 1/3 of the series.

To prove to Internet retailer, do you see the show, not just tell memories of it, participants need within 25 hours of broadcast viewing on Twitter, and publish to process a selfie with your real friends (you , like Monica with a Turkey on his head).

In addition to the $ 1 000 reward the most devoted fan of “Friends” will receive a 12-month subscription to the streaming channel “Netflix”.

If you want to transform your ordinary viewing of “Friends” in the profit, follow this link to register.

Recall that since 1994, the Comedy series “Friends”, telling about the everyday life of six friends, was released ten years in a row. During this time he has become a favorite for many, and its popularity does not lose now. This indicates not only that the show is still broadcast some TV channels, but also a great desire of fans continue the “Friends”. Unfortunately, the cast have previously said that talk of a sequel is just a rumor.

Do the same actors over that time had been through a lot, but still remained friends. So, in 2018, Matthew Perry, who plays Chandler, underwent a serious operation. In 2019, Jennifer aniston and Courtney Cox, known for the roles of Rachel and Monica got into the accidents. After that aniston has even said that he misses the series.

Was with the actors and funny situations. Last year, David Schwimmer – Ross – was asked to star in a porn parody of “Friends.”

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