Ради «Игры Престолов» создатели сожгли город

To realistically show the scene where Daenerys burns king’s landing, the creators had to rebuild the city from the decorations and burn it almost to the ground.

Ради «Игры Престолов» создатели сожгли город

All the seasons except the last place for filming scenes from king’s landing served as the Croatian town of Dubrovnik. It was his color is suitable for warm and bustling Harbour. However, to burn in season 8 of the series the imaginary city, had to rebuild the scenery from scratch. Location and creators had to change too, instead of the Sunny Croatia, they moved to a cool Northern Ireland.

Ради «Игры Престолов» создатели сожгли город

It is known that the producers and Directors thought out in advance every step from the material to the decorations, the location, the total destruction of the built King’s landing.

The first thing to do was to determine which parts of the city were required in the script, and how the art Department could better just to recreate them. We needed this gate, which was subsequently blown up, the main street, which has gone through various stages of destruction, the town square, which also had to be burned, the entrance to the Red Fort, the other two streets, and a variety of interiors, — said the artist-production designer Deborah Riley.

She also said that the Playground was designed in four months. To do this, the guys from the team had in virtual reality to see if king’s landing fall as planned.

The design platform in virtual reality helped Riley: it allowed the producers of Game of thrones to better understand what is being built, because “they could see it before was spent any money, and hammer scored the first nail.”

To save time and effort, the creators of the series decided to cheat a little and work in reverse order: first, building a Playground, shot some scenes with the destruction of the Harbor, and later, when rebuilt all scenery, scenes from king’s landing to landing dragon Daenerys. First he built the ruined castle, which was then restored to earlier scenes.

With our time constraints it was absolutely brilliant solution. Our biggest reconstruction took 12 days and was planned with military precision, says Riley.

According to postanoxic, work on the creation of props for the Royal Harbour was the perfect completion of the work of the art Department of “Game of thrones”, which worked much, creating a stunning location for all 8 seasons of the series.

— Despite the fact that I fondly remember other shots, nothing of us have experienced as well as the construction and destruction of the Harbour. We did this for everything he could, admits Riley. — On the last working day I buried my shoes on set, saying goodbye to her and the series. I like to think that part of me is still there.

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