For the life of the Russian ballerina struggling Italian doctors

За жизнь российской балерины борются итальянские врачи The dancer “La Scala” Antonina Chapkina was hit by a tram in the area of Milan’s Piazza Duca d’aosta. The girl did not notice the vehicle because he was immersed in conversation on the phone.

    За жизнь российской балерины борются итальянские врачи

    Russian fans Antonina Chapkina not really worried – the star of the ballet is in trouble abroad. 26-year-old girl for some time now is in Milan, and from there came sad news. According to reports in Italian Newspapers, Antonina was hit by a tram. It is known that Chapkina was crossing the street, texting while on a cell phone, and therefore did not notice the approaching vehicle. The tram blew the ballerina from the roadway onto the pavement, as a result, she suffered a serious head injury and unconscious was taken to a local hospital Niguarda in the intensive care unit.

    Russian dancers received conflicting information. While some publications have reported that Antonina’s health is out of danger, others publish evidence that her life hangs in the balance, and at the moment Italian doctors try to save her. Also in some Italian media meets the assumption that Chaykinoy need surgery on his face.

    Relatives of Antonina had no immediate comment on the incident, so no version about the state of the star can not be confirmed, just know that the girl is really involved in an accident. In the theater “La Scala” colleagues called “tragic” incident an accident with Cupcini and expressed the hope that Antonina will soon go on the amendment.

    Antonina Chapkina graduated from the Moscow State Academy of choreography. Immediately after graduation the girl was accepted into the ballet troupe of the Mikhailovsky theatre, and later Chapkina already danced at the Bolshoi theatre in a production of “a Midsummer night’s Dream”. To see the girl was not only on the stage but also on the pages of fashionable glossy magazines. In 2011, the ballerina was asked to pose for Vogue and to showcase designer clothing. His 26 years girl, no doubt, have achieved success. Chapkina for five years is one of the brightest and most talented ballerinas of the Italian theatre “La Scala”.

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