Впервые на экране: какими мы увидели Бородину, Собчак, Нагиева и других “StarHit” brings the first footage of stars of show-business saw the country. Celebrities, whose names do not currently go to the mouth of the public, in his time conquered the TV screens, and each excelled in its own way.

      Впервые на экране: какими мы увидели Бородину, Собчак, Нагиева и других

      The path to glory for many stars of show business was not easy — someone was looking for myself in different genres, the others didn’t miss the chance to check in on a particular competition, and the third one received recognition only in adulthood. Now they say the whole country — admire them from blame, they invent stories — in short, the names of these people do not go to the mouth of the public. “StarHit” decided to recall, as he began his ascent to star Ksenia Borodina, Dmitry Nagiyev, Ani Lorak and many others.


      Even while training at the Institute of hotel management and tourism Ksenia has set itself the goal of becoming a movie star. She sent a lot of resumes, went on trial, but, unfortunately, to impress the casting Directors could not manage. Therefore, Borodin was invited to play the heroine in popular television programs.

      Впервые на экране: какими мы увидели Бородину, Собчак, Нагиева и других

      In December 2002 she appeared on the talk show “Okna”. Her character Mary told presenter Dmitry Nagiyev and viewers the story of how trying to figure out who is actually her baby’s father – a rich businessman Mikhail or poor student Dima. The story was played by all the laws of the genre – with the swearing, fights and cries.

      Later on the talk show “girls ‘ tears” Borodin appeared under her name Ksenia. The future star of the famous electroni of the country was dressed in the latest fashion, skinny jeans, jacket with embroidery, fashionable styling… this time Borodin told the tearful story of a girl who tries to get the truth from the three men.

      But after that, it telecharger stalled. Disillusioned, Kseniya has decided to go to my parents in Italy. Later, the star was told that once she was aboard, she got a call from TNT and made an interesting offer. Kseniya agreed, and in may 2004 he made his debut as presenter of the reality show “Dom-2”.


      Ksenia received a good education – she graduated from the prestigious University MGIMO, after that its aim was popular, but not as a daughter of famous parents, and her personal. 11 may 2004 started telestroke reality show “Dom-2”. The first participants at the gate welcomed 22-year-old Ksenia Sobchak. In those days, this transfer was not very popular, but over the years the ratings have been steadily increasing.

      Впервые на экране: какими мы увидели Бородину, Собчак, Нагиева и других

      This was not the first experience of Xenia in front of the cameras. For some time prior to that, she performed the main role in the film “Thieves and prostitutes. The prize flight into space”. The premiere of the movie took place on 4 June 2004 in the center of the Russian cinema “Mir kinotavra”. Sobchak played the role of journalist, a psychologist who is sent into space. On the orbital station “Mir” she meets Juvenal, hero Yevgeny Steklov. Acting Sobchak was named one of the most striking at the film festival.

      Subsequently, with the growing popularity of Xenia was invited as a presenter for such programs and shows like: “survivor”, “star”, “Blonde in chocolate”, “Top model in Russian” Award at Muz-TV, “Weekdays of Barabasi” and many others.

      Ani Lorak

      Впервые на экране: какими мы увидели Бородину, Собчак, Нагиева и других

      The singer first appeared on TV in the air the popular program “Morning star”. It happened in March 1995, she was only 16 years old. At the same time the young Carolina was forced to take a pseudonym. In the competition program has already been stated, the singer with her name. Future star had to get out of the situation – she read her name backwards, so came Ani Lorak.

      After that speech, she became widely known in Ukrainian show business. Three years later, as a 19-year-old girl, Ani Lorak has received the title of Honored artist of Ukraine, became the youngest singer of those who ever received it.


      Впервые на экране: какими мы увидели Бородину, Собчак, Нагиева и других

      His first interview Paul gave to his native Ufa in 1992, when she was only 15 years old. She stood in the transition, played the guitar and sang songs of Viktor Tsoi. Journalist Azamat Almukhametov filmed a report for local television and was the first to have an interview with Zemfira Ramazanova.

      “I want to go on the anniversary of the death of Choi Peter, I need the money. Parents I can not give them, so I collect them here in transition” – she admitted to the correspondent.

      On the Central channels nobody famous singer first showed in may 1999, the eighth day in the capital hosted a presentation of a new issue of the magazine “OM” and the new singer and her album. “One of the few singers that touches the soul. The girl has everything. It’s some mixture of Aguzarova, early Pugacheva and Irina Saltykov in one person. There is such a wild mix,” said after that to the music critics. Then Zemfira became a frequent guest of the youth program “16 and older…”, and in July, Dmitry Dibrov has invited the singer to the Studio “Anthropology”.


      For the first time it flashed on the TV in the early ‘ 90s – played a small role of the bartender in the crime drama “the Executioner”. At that time, 23-year-old Nagiyev was a student of Leningrad state Institute of theatre, music and cinematography.

      Впервые на экране: какими мы увидели Бородину, Собчак, Нагиева и других

      After graduation he went to work on the radio. In the mid-90s in St. Petersburg UHF channel appeared music transmission radio “Modern”, in the frame between the clips appeared Dmitry Nagiyev. But it was not enough – an aspiring artist was to come up with a different thumbnail. So, a program called “the Complete modern!” lasted three months. Then Naghiyev started to look for a partner, they became another leading radio – Sergey Rost. Together they come up with fun miniatures, and this brought both a real success. A year later they created their first show, “Carefully, a modernist!”, it premiered in 1996.

      Dmitry Nagiyev: “I am a puppet in the hands of maniacs”

      Humorous program lasted more than eight years, while in a relationship Nagiyev and Growth did not happen disorder. It was rumored that talented artists had a fight over money, but none of them later this information have not confirmed.

      If you believe the rumors, then one day a friend asked Dmitry for a couple of editions to replace it in the program “Telecontact”. Subsequently, Nagiyev was on this show for several years. It is said that after that he gained fame as a sex symbol – girl just went crazy with his hair done up with gel, stylish red jacket, suspenders, humor, and daring of the manner of conducting the program.

      Grigory LEPS

      Впервые на экране: какими мы увидели Бородину, Собчак, Нагиева и других

      In 1994 a 32-year-old singer met with Yevgeny and Anatoly Kobylyansky Dolzhenkova. They helped him record his first album “Natalie” and remove the clips – “Natalie” and “God Bless You”.

      “Natalie” was an instant hit! The video for this song was shot in April 1995. Found a rare white Mercedes. On the set it became clear that Gregory doesn’t know how to drive. Had to get out of the situation – at the feet of Leps was the driver who controlled the entire process.

      Singer saw his clip in the house of Botkin hospital. Doctors made the diagnosis of pancreatic necrosis. Almost half the doctors arrived from Sochi mother fought for the life of the singer. Leps lost 35 pounds. He waited at the concert “Song of the year 95”, but he could not speak.


      In the 90s, Julia studied at the Belarusian theatre and art Institute. She was a talented and ambitious girl, and therefore almost always achieved the desired. Her film debut took place in 1992. Julia has played a major role in the Belarusian film “Come and not to come back.” In the same year she first appeared on television.

      Once the wife of Yegor Konchalovsky and Julia was the name of the Carousel. It was her alias on television in 1992 Vysotskaya has become the leading Belarusian popular program “Abbac” (“Slacker”) is a person who is lazy, lying on the sofa. Reviews of the shows in the theater, film screenings, and exhibitions.

      Sham marriage: the experience of Julia Vysotskaya, Lolita Milavskaya and Diana Arbenina

      She was in the most rating time – at seven o’clock every Friday. The company Julia was her College friend Natalia basheva. No stylists, the girls did not, therefore, in the frame they worked in their own clothes, do his hair and makeup.

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