For the first time after breaking up with Lady Gaga Taylor Kinney talking about his personal life

Впервые после расставания с Леди Гагой Тейлор Кинни заговорил о личной жизни

Taylor Kinney until recently was the fiancé of Lady Gaga. The actor made a sweetheart offer, she agreed and the couple began to prepare for the wedding. But between the lovers ran a black cat – there were disagreements, misunderstanding and other troubles, which eventually spread to Germanotta Stephanie (real name of the singer) and Taylor in different directions.


Lady Gaga has managed to recover from breaking up with Kinney and even had an affair with her agent, Chris. karino. Taylor being alone. Perhaps the actor still has tender feelings for the singer. By the way, this is supported by the fact that Kinney has thus far refused to make new relationships. The actor says that he simply has no time to think about matters of the heart, as he spends all his time on the set.

However, to talk to journalists about what kind of girl is able to conquer his heart, Kinney refused: “No type, which I particularly like. For me the most important human energy. When I think about what a woman might do, the mind not emerge any specific visual images. I think about intangible properties of the person, I value communication, understanding each other’s sense of humor, I think everything is built on that.”