Ради семьи: Эд Ширан объявил, что уходит со сцены

British pop musician and the favourite of millions of ed Sheeran announced a long pause in his career. So far, the singer is planning to leave the stage for half a year.

After two years spent in the music round of the “Tour Divide”, the singer decided that enough money, to have a chance to relax from the hustle and bustle. Not forever, of course, but the next 18 months for sure.

It is known that Sheeran began the tour in March 2017, and ended only on 26 August 2019. The “final” tour happened in his native country – England. The concerts within the tour took place almost on all continents, including Australia, New Zealand, North and South America and Europe. All the performer has played 255 of concerts for almost nine million fans from around the world. During this time ed Sheeran was able to earn 775,6 million dollars. This tour was the biggest in history.

This is the biggest tour in history. Today me and my people behind the scenes are very emotional day. It’s like a breakup with a girl you have been for many years — said ed Sheeran.

Especially for working enriched, ed realized that success cannot replace the main thing – communication with the family. So he decided that in the next year and a half will leave the stage and devote himself to family (wife cherry Sebborn) and rest.

I love you. This is my last concert for the next probably 18 months. I can’t for the next 20 years to spend the same on the road. I’m not willing to sacrifice the children, even for all this. I got what you wanted and even more, so now I’ll just try to have fun, — pootkrovennichal with fans of Sheeran.

Also in June, the singer stressed that if he had to leave the stage for the creation of the family – he will do it. Recall ed Sheeran married to cherry Seaborn in December 2018.

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