For the anniversary of Grigory Leps: what you never knew about your favorite artist

К юбилею Григория Лепса: что вы не знали о любимом артисте Today, the musician is celebrating its 55th anniversary. “StarHit” found out a few facts from the life of Grigory Leps, which you were not even aware. He can put on the blades, cooks soup and loves karaoke.
К юбилею Григория Лепса: что вы не знали о любимом артисте

One of the most sought-after singers, Grigory Leps, July 16, marks 55 years. This time the artist decided to abandon the traditional concert, which was arranged last years birthday. The anniversary will hold a family and friends celebration will be held at one of the restaurants of the capital. Leps hides his personal life, but some of the moments prefers not to extend. On the eve of the anniversary of the loved ones are told “StarHit” his secrets.

Behind the scenes

Karaoke and Leps – almost synonymous. I’m sure many times wondered what Gregory himself chooses in such establishments?

“It happens infrequently, but in karaoke Papa sometimes says “StarHit” his eldest daughter Inga Leps. Usually on holidays. This year I went to sing on the birthday of his wife, Ani. Were only the family and friends. I remember that dad likes to sing “White rose” group “Tender may”, and much of the repertoire of the Beatles, such as Hey Jude. When the microphone is in my hands, he always carefully listens, then maybe even to criticize – it is always the case, but with humor.”
К юбилею Григория Лепса: что вы не знали о любимом артисте


In Sochi on the birthday of sister Eteri Grigory Leps introduced Niko Neman, he performed the ceremony a few songs. Then there was the Voice, a contract with the Producer center of the Leps.

К юбилею Григория Лепса: что вы не знали о любимом артисте
К юбилею Григория Лепса: что вы не знали о любимом артисте“I recently invited Gregory to participate in the flash mob, which was organized by Federation of judo and Sambo in Sochi, – says Niko “StarHit”. – He liked the idea, filmed almost without duplicates. Moreover, all the techniques, throws, grappling Grisha learned and completed fairly quickly. I asked him whether to continue training. He replied that he didn’t mind, the more it turns out well. Now Grigory Viktorovich the house there is Sambuca – clothes for classes and carpet to fight. We arrange home games and Championships.”


Alexander Panayotov and the celebrant familiar with the days of the “people’s artist”. Then they parted ways for 12 years. The reunion happened on the show “the Voice 5” when Sasha chose team of Leps.

“Grisha has not changed, – says the artist with “StarHit”. – In real life he’s sweet, vulnerable, attentive, especially with loved ones. But, when necessary, included Grigory Leps, which we all know is a clear, hard, concrete. And he’s got a great sense of humor! 1800 knows more jokes. Once we were on tour, and all four hours in the plane I laughed to tears. Leps is very beautifully tells stories, here’s one of his favorites: “there Is a musician in new York, bought a ticket to a concert in Carnegie hall. Meets a local street musician and asks: “Excuse me, how do I get to Carnegie hall?” He looks at him and says: “u-U-u-u, rehearse, dear, just to rehearse.”


К юбилею Григория Лепса: что вы не знали о любимом артисте

Few people know that one of the students of Leps, singer, Ramadi, not only amazing vocal, but also the outstanding culinary skills.

“Grisha, by the way, he loves and knows how to cook, she shared with “StarHit”. – It is clear that time is a lesson he has almost no choice but for the soul sometimes and meat to bake, and even cook soup! Once gave us. And I, knowing that he loves sweets, often bring production centre of their cakes and pastries. Gregory tries much to get involved, but everyone enjoyed trying praises. Will definitely bake him a cake for the anniversary!”


Gregory’s schedule is always tight painted – touring, corporate events, festivals, new songs in the Studio. With a team of Leps, it is not disconnected and on vacation – takes out of musicians in a warm country at their own expense.

“A full holiday only happens after the tours, which usually last a year and a half, maybe more, – told the “StarHit” to the singer. – Grisha not only employs, but also organizes leisure. Not together with the team, was vacationing at his Villa in Thailand – I took the boat out to sea fishing, and organized a comic competition in pull-UPS on the bar, and the evenings spent on the shore singing with a guitar. He is the most hospitable person I know, soul of any company: the barbecue fire and lay the table and talking over a glass of tea with him endlessly”.