For shooting the movie “Deadpool-2” brad pitt paid … coffee!

За съемки в фильме «Дэдпул-2» с Брэдом Питтом расплатились … кофе!
The actor has impressed colleagues on the set.

За съемки в фильме «Дэдпул-2» с Брэдом Питтом расплатились … кофе!

Brad Pitt


За съемки в фильме «Дэдпул-2» с Брэдом Питтом расплатились … кофе!

Ryan Reynolds


As told by Ryan
Reynolds, who not only starred in the sequel of the movie “Deadpool” the main character, but
and was one of the producers, he was incredibly happy to meet brad pitt
on the set. However, it was a little bit worried that the fee
the Hollywood star wasn’t agreed in advance. But when Ryan, in conversation with tried
carefully “probe” this issue, the answer is brad puzzled him. “All I
need is coffee, a Cup of coffee!” In the report what taken aback Reynolds, who
decided that he was misunderstood, he decided to clarify: “a Cup of coffee every day — and until when?” “No, just buy me a single Cup of coffee!” explained pitt.

This answer brought Ryan in delight. He knew that if brad asked for its traditional multi-million dollar fee, the filmmakers could not “pull” the estimate.

Pitt was offered to play villain mutant named Vanisher. Although this character plays in the story is important
the role and say all the time, he appears only at the very end of the film. “Remove
this megasized in such a tiny, almost wordless role was just
amazing luck!” commented Reynolds.

For pitt shooting “Dadula-2” in the past, he now works on the set of Quentin Tarantino’s “One day
in Hollywood”. In this movie Quentin managed to assemble a superstar squad. In addition to brad, drew Tarantino , Leonardo Di Caprio and al Pacino. It is interesting that 54-year-old pitt and 43-year-old DiCaprio for the first time during his career will be shot in
a single movie. And if DiCaprio is going to play in the movie Telewest, eager to make a career in
Hollywood, brad pitt Quentin
entrusted to the role of sidekick and constant understudy hero Leo.

Deadpool 2

Photo: Outnow