For Lukeria Ilyashenko took up arms against neighbors

На Лукерью Ильяшенко ополчились соседи
Star of TV series “the RAID” and “Sweet life”, made repairs, and was awakened by the “evil force”.

Photo: Instagram

For several months lukeria Ilyashenko “drove” the occupants of the house, which bought the apartment, its repair. The construction crew did not always put a break and trying to finish repairs quickly, not always on time, finished drilling the walls and make other loud repair work. In this regard, the actress turned all the neighbors (especially those who “flooded” the foreman on the last day of work)! The repair is almost over, and the problems there. “Trouble” came from the other side, which it was not expected. At least Lusha wasn’t expecting that.

“I think in my new apartment I was not the only resident, told the star. — Judging by indications of a new superintendent, there lives a mouse, and maybe not even one… And this is the animal that I’m superstitious reasons “do not nakarkat” call mouse, not a mouse, but a huge scary rat. In short, this “something” grey and bloody fangs — apparently a native inhabitant of the house who quietly lived in the space between the floor in my apartment and my neighbor’s ceiling. And then me and my repair gutted his home, and he went to wander the floor, koshmara the already terribly pissed off at me for repair work neighbors.”

How to solve this problem, Lusha do not know. On the one hand do not want to kill a living creature, with another — very soon Ilyashenko have to live in this apartment.

“It’s small, I’m afraid the three of us — me, the cat and the rat, it will be crowded!” — going through it.

Fans are advised Lusha not to deal with this problem independently, and to call a special service for the control of rodents. Maybe after that, and relations with neighbors will improve.

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