For fun willing to risk health and principles for a new family member

Понарошку готова рискнуть здоровьем и принципами ради нового члена семьи
The presenter thought about a dog, despite the fact that she’s allergic to wool.

Irena Ponaroshku

Photo: Instagram

Irena Ponaroshku shared sore.
Turns out the TV presenter from childhood dreams about a dog. In this case, since
star is a committed vegan, she can not accept that
potential four-legged family member will have to feed meat… Fake even
thought that some of her friends are vegetarian
diet and dogs — vegan.

“I want a dog… And so afraid to start it… I Have 1000 thoughts of the paranoid on this subject! First, she will die. It
are you self-inflict terrible pain, to the loss of a friend… secondly,
I’m allergic to. And I don’t know if this has something to do? Thirdly, my beach terribly keen sense of smell and I think that
even if she pesina reclaimed-bought and does not smell, from the mouth of it all
still pulls tuhlyachkom Or there are those who have no smell?! Fourth,
the dog should be fed meat, but we have a vegetarian house… I Have this brain
also sitting on the bath. Know that some raw foodists dog is also vegan-rawfoodist. But
this contradicts the theory of species supply, isn’t it?! Fifth, I am pedantic
with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and wool clothing, drool on the couch
nibbled Slippers can increase your daily consumption of sedative drops… But
the dog still want! From childhood! In the end, from her husband too much
dirt, but that didn’t stop me!”

Subscribers microblog TV presenter, where she posted this candid post, turned it into a positive. First,
they explained that dogs are often fed a special dry food, which
it is impossible to know such a frightening Irena a product like meat. Second,
words experienced dog owners, there are hypoallergenic breeds. Well,
thirdly, as the star lives in a country house, the dog can keep on
the street! Perhaps Irena and I agree with the arguments of their fans. Moreover, to
The new year is only 15 days and it’s time to implement the most secret
dreams. Especially, children.