For Angelina Jolie exclusive has opened Buckingham Palace

Для Анджелины Джоли эксклюзивно открыли Букингемский дворец
The actress continues victorious journey through Europe.

Angelina Jolie


It seems that in
life of Angelina Jolie started a streak of light. After a painful
months that followed the decision to divorce with brad pitt, actress
gradually coming to. It already looks good and makes at the present
successful trip to Europe. During her visit to Britain, took place,
in particular, two pleasant events: especially for Jolie opened
not available at this time of the year for “mere mortals” to Buckingham Palace and to
also, she debuted in the role of Professor.

arrived in London at an unfortunate time of year — from the point of view
sightseeing. The fact that Buckingham Palace in March closed
for tourists. In the main residence
Queen outsiders can get only two months out of the year – in September and
the end of July to end of August. But for the guest of honor and her children exclusive have uncovered the most interesting rooms of the Palace and organized tour.

In the same
the day was another remarkable event: Jolie as a guest
Professor read long-planned lecture to students of the London School
Economy on the protection of women during military conflicts. Judging by the feedback of its students, future lawyers, posted on the social network
speech of Angelina passed
excellent. The attention of the trainees Jolie was drawn not only to lectures, but also for the Jolie. Listeners could better
to see her makeup and tried to understand
how even in the seemingly modest dress with a cardigan she manages to look so flawless.