For all occasions: how to buy a set of inexpensive tools

На все случаи: как купить набор инструментов недорого

Choosing for yourself or as a gift set of tools, it is important not to miss “all the best”, and make a choice carefully. Site selection best price E-catalog will answer all your questions and help you buy the tool at the lowest price.

Clicking on the link you will see almost 2.5 thousand sets of various equipment and cost. What to look for when buying?


Type of tool kit defines capabilities that set will give its owner. The type sets are:

  • Universal, suitable for virtually any application — from auto repair to hammering a nail. Typically, such a kit includes at least 40 positions. Well-chosen “filling” allows the owner of the coveted case to solve 90% of household tasks. If you choose a gift and don’t know what he wants to bestow, will focus on the universal set 50-70 positions.
  • Specific, “sharpened” under certain task pane. For example, there are kits for plumbing, electrical, beaters, and so on. Including, along with universal, special tools.
    It is also important to consider how to store tools in the set. The best option — roomy lightweight plastic box or supernumery box of metal. There are also packing in the form of case or box.
  • Equipment

    Tool kits include:

    • tool for detachable joints — socket wrenches, sockets, ratchet, screwdrivers (flat and Phillips);
    • a percussion instrument — hammers of different types, punches, chisels;
    • pliers tool, pliers, pliers, pliers, bent nose pliers, wire cutters;
    • threading tools — taps and dies.

    There is a simple rule by which to estimate the purpose of the tools. Large and heavy parts for power works, small — for accurate and thin. All kinds of tools sets in a matter of seconds to find using the site selection of prices E-catalogue.


    You can save on everything except quality. Aggregator price, E-catalog assistant for everyone who loves reasonable cost. With this guide to online shopping, you can quickly find the right tool at an affordable cost.

    What can an aggregator of prices:

    • saves time by showing all the offers reliable stores;
    • saves money, allowing you to choose the tools set for the lowest price;
    • shows at the top of the issuance of the goods with the shortest time of delivery;
    • allows you to make pleasing products in a convenient online table so you can compare their prices and features without switching between tabs;

    The website provides the user with full verified information about all the products. Among other things, you will find helpful articles, reviews and user feedback, popularity, rating, instructions and descriptions, lists of consumables and accessories, photos, and videos. Securely, quickly and profitably — so runs the E-catalog!

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