For a seriously ill star of “full House” Svetlana Rozhkova trying to cash in psychics

На тяжелобольной звезде «Аншлага» Светлане Рожковой пытаются нажиться экстрасенсы According to umoristici, she found violations in the work of the liver. For a long time she tried not to report the disease, even the closest people. Her support the family, and colleagues want to help financially. However, some are trying to do business on the mountain Rozhkova.
На тяжелобольной звезде «Аншлага» Светлане Рожковой пытаются нажиться экстрасенсы

A month ago the Joker first told that she has serious health problems. But then Svetlana has not announced the diagnosis. “Many people immediately think about cancer, but there is – says “StarHit” Rozhkov. – Place all points over “i”. This is actually a serious autoimmune disease of the liver. I learned about it quite by accident. Took heart and sent me for a consultation at the Institute of cardiology – it turned out to be junk because of the intoxication of blood. Made a complete examination and suddenly found irregularities in the liver!

To operate, fortunately, is not necessary. Only in the case that the organ will fail. Will be a long expensive treatment. Friends, including colleagues on the “sell-out”, offered financial assistance. But the money is missing. Next to the family. Until recently, I wasn’t talking about the disease to her daughters – Barbara and Jan. Of course, were shocked. She and her husband support me.”
На тяжелобольной звезде «Аншлага» Светлане Рожковой пытаются нажиться экстрасенсы

In trouble responded not only relatives but also scammers. “Without knowing the exact diagnosis, he immediately started calling all sorts of psychics, to impose their services – continues Rozhkova. – Of course, I refuse. Believe only in traditional medicine! Three years ago from cancer, his father died. To cure it, tried all methods, including folk. But, unfortunately, nothing helped.”

Every three months the Joker visits the doctor in a Moscow clinic, passes the necessary tests. “This disease is like a train, – says Svetlana. – She was running very fast, but the doctors in time to halt the process. Now the development has been slow”.

Despite the disappointing diagnosis, Rozhkova continues to perform on stage. “Of course, it is difficult to work in, accustomed to, now health does not allow, – says the artist. – You have to give up interesting projects. But slowly they never complain. Think so – why go out with placards and blow loudly: people, help? I am pleased that the fans came filled up with wishes for a speedy recovery, always write in social networks. Thank you. I’ll do it!”