FOOTBALL WITHOUT BEER A couple of days before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, something unexpected happened.

< br> The country's authorities first allowed, and then banned the sale of beer at the stadiums. And even though nothing will change for those who follow the tournament on, the impression of tourists who come to Qatar will be spoiled.

Due to religious traditions, there were questions to the organizers of the tournament on a number of issues, including alcohol. They promised to solve them in favor of the fans, but now, when nothing can be changed and canceled, the decision turned out to be not in favor of beer. Fans will do without it.

In general, the issue of alcohol in stadiums is very controversial. On the one hand, this is the income of the organizers of the competition, on the other hand, the risk of drunken conflicts. Each country decides differently. In the Russian Federation, beer is also prohibited in stadiums.

True, our country made an exception for the 2018 World Cup. Then the fans at the stadiums drank about 1.45 million liters of beer, which brought the organizers tens of millions of dollars.

However, beer is not a serious source of income for oil sheiks. The 2022 World Cup cost the authorities $ 220 billion, and no one initially expected that it would pay off. So the sale of alcohol at the stadiums was easily abandoned there for the sake of taking into account internal interests.

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