Футбольные легенды: Йохан Кройф. Двигатель «тотального футбола»
Decades later, when it comes to championship-1974, be sure to remember the great Dutchman, who showed the world a universal style of the game.

Футбольные легенды: Йохан Кройф. Двигатель «тотального футбола»

Johan Cruyff


“No matter how it is called, Kratom or Cruyff, he will forever remain in football history as one of the best players, and there is no doubt”, — said Georgy Cherdantsev, a sports commentator and the author of the encyclopedia of football “world series History” (published by AST).

Cruyff. Krayf. Cruyff.

In fact, he always was Cruyff. The sports journalists and commentators often have difficulty with pronunciation of different names, especially those in the native language sounds ambiguous. Remember how I asked on FM 98 the Norwegian OLE Gunnar Salsera to pronounce his name aloud, about which we had with colleagues differences, and many called, and continue to call him Solskjaer.

This entry I think is still stored somewhere in the archives of NTV. It sounds kind of mess of sounds “s”, “o”, “l”, “W”, “e”. To reproduce it is almost impossible. With the great Dutchman is about the same story. In the Soviet press of the early 1970s used two versions of his name: Cruyff and Cruyff.

Last may, with the filing of any editor-in-chief of the sports division of the great Soviet Newspapers, which offered not to split hairs with the pronunciation and writing of this Dutch surname transliteration: Cruijff’s Dutch, so let him in Russian will be exactly the same — Cruyff. With two “f”.

When the borders opened, people went to Europe and reached the Netherlands, it became clear: there’s that name pronounced differently than it is written. A new variant of pronunciation — Cruyff — was gradually established in the Russian sports journalism. Although in reality the name Cruijff Dutch sounds “Crip”.

No matter how it is called, Kratom or Cruyff, he will forever remain in football history as one of the best players, and there is no doubt. “I think Cruyff is definitely the greatest player. He was playing coach without being a coach”, is the opinion of Nikita Pavlovich Simonyan. Well said, subtle.

Футбольные легенды: Йохан Кройф. Двигатель «тотального футбола»

Photo: courtesy of AST

“When we compare Pele and, for example, Cruyff, Cruyff is the player who has changed tactics, and with his help we have moved to the versatility due to the fact that he has expanded the functional area of the player. He was influenced by the quality of the game and the result. This is a unique phenomenon. But unlike Pele, Cruyff became the champion of the world”, — said Anatoly Byshovets.

I think that this last is the most important thing, in fact, explains why Cruyff left in the history of football and world cups outstanding player, but not the greatest: he was not world champion. The final-1974 his team lost to team Germany, and in the case, the owners looked for the entire match is preferable.

However, decades later, when it comes to the championship-1974, among the highlights of the tournament is definitely among the first remember two things with just Johan Cruyff.

The first is all that was preceded by a penalty against the national team of Germany in the final match at 2 minutes, and the second is a single manoeuvre, a single movement Cruyff on the 23-th minute of the match of group tournament of the Netherlands — Sweden, which went down in history as the famous “feint Cruyff”.

Here it is: feint Cruyff!


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Футбольные легенды: Йохан Кройф. Двигатель «тотального футбола»

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  • Футбольные легенды: Йохан Кройф. Двигатель «тотального футбола»
    Johan Cruyff

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