Footage from Pelageya live made a splash

Кадры с Пелагеей в прямом эфире произвели фурор The singer was supported by Ivan Telegin. Pelagia was rooting for the elect together with her friend, the wife of another hockey team, Elena Belova during the match between Russia and Sweden. Unfortunately, their presence did not help the men to beat the enemy. But fans of the actress have been able to see her back on TV.

      The day before in the arena of “VTB Ice Palace” took place the match between Russia and Sweden in the framework of the Cup of the First Channel of 2016. Guests defeated the hosts of ice with the account 1:3. Ivan Telegin was a powerful podderjka in the face of his wife Pelageya. However, this did not help him. Hockey player played poorly in the middle area in the last part of the match, and the team did not have time to correct the situation.

      During the broadcast of the contest on the First channel of the camera closeup showed pelage, which monitors what is happening on the ice floor. The woman wearing my cheerios uniform, so it’s hard to consider her figure. Some time ago, fans of the actress reported that Pelagia had already had a child, but does not show such a joyful event. The face of the ex-member of the jury of “the Voice” was neatly painted, and his eyes glowed with happiness.

      According to fans of Pelagia, after their favorite married, a joyous smile never leaving her face. The wedding took place this summer, and the ceremony was attended by only the closest people. After some time, the Network appeared information about the pregnancy. “StarHit” posted the actress in a swimsuit.

      By the way, relatives of the actress are trying to limit their contact with journalists. Mother Pelageya has admitted that he is very tired of attention from the media who asked her about the birth of a grandson. “Neither I nor Pelagia itself we will not talk about her personal life,” said the woman. Mother Pelageya has commented on the rumors about her birth

      How do you know “StarHit” the specialist in numerology Clara Kuzenbaeva, Pelagia and Ivan are not limited to one child. In 2-3 years the couple will have another baby. “From childhood, she will teach a child to music – will sing him a lullaby, give to a music school. To 34 years in her life will go very favourable for procreation stripe. In the 32 years old singer is expecting a second pregnancy, and she shouldn’t worry that the advent of another child will put the brakes on her career – she will continue to sing with two children. Plus, celebrity in perfect health – the body will not fail her during pregnancy and childbirth, noted numerologist.