“Follower” Diana Shurygina passed the lie detector

«Последовательница» Дианы Шурыгиной прошла детектор лжи 15-year-old angelina Lebedeva suspected that she was defiled at the party. The girl shared his version of the events that happened in January of 2017, “Andrey Malakhov. Live broadcast.» Friends angelina stated that it distorts reality.
«Последовательница» Дианы Шурыгиной прошла детектор лжи

Year ago 16-year-old angelina Lebedeva survived rape at the party. The mother found the girl later that night she lay half-naked in a field. “When I saw her, she did not stir”, – says Elena, barely holding back tears. Angelina was taken to the hospital. When she woke up, told his version of what happened. Parents Lebedeva went to the police.

The story of angelina discussed in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live broadcast.» Remembering the incident at the birthday party in a private home, Lebedev was unable to restrain his emotions. Her eyes were filled with tears. According to the girl, she is unable to bring the perpetrators to justice.

“I met these guys through friend Kate. As soon as we entered, I saw Egor lies and vomits near the door. Inside the house I saw Dasha lying on the sofa in my bra. When I started to look for the shirt Tim said to me, “drink It Russian women”. And I don’t drink, I have a thyroid. He took me by the hair and began to force to drink. Then it hit me in the face. It was scary. When I lay and cried, from behind came another boy, they started to pour me vodka,” she says.
«Последовательница» Дианы Шурыгиной прошла детектор лжи

According to Lebedeva, she snatched the phone and was forbidden to call parents. “I wanted to go, but I was beaten”, – said angelina. According to the girl, she was molested by a guy named Egor. The young man allegedly forced her mouth open and forced to commit violent acts of a sexual nature. Then Yegor began to beat angelina, and she lost consciousness. When Lebedev woke up, she was half-naked. “I started screaming, dying. But no one heard”, – says the heroine of this program.

Timothy, which, according to Lebedev, poured vodka in it, too, was present at the filming. The young person has their own version of events. “No, that’s not true. She came to us, she was asking for it. Took the vodka and began to drink it. Probably wanted to seem cool. There is a video confirming this. No one has touched it”, he said.

«Последовательница» Дианы Шурыгиной прошла детектор лжи

Father of angelina stood up for her daughter. A man concerned for the heiress. He remembered how his heiress brought home drunk. “At eight years old daughter almost got raped by a Uzbek, he was imprisoned. She walked around the house. And now it occurs”, – said Andrey Lebedev, the girl’s father. According to parents of angelina, Timothy went under his Windows, and insulted her daughter. The young man denies such statements.

Dasha Dyakonov, another participant in the controversial party, said that “no rape was not.” The girl did not deny that the birthday party was alcohol. According to Dasha, angelina nobody wanted to call for the event.

As it turned out in the air, the heroine of this program is to group dedicated to Diana Shurygina. The volunteers explained that angelina turned to him for help.

“They are not familiar. When spun the story of Shurygino, Diana began to turn thousands of girls who were in the same history. Diana’s mom asked us, volunteers, to take this page. The group “Tell Diane” wrote angelina. The movement “hand over pedophile” helps her months. I want to bring the audience in. Dear, you are doing the persecution? How are you different from those who support rapists?”– said social activist Anna Levchenko, perepisyvatsya with angelina.
«Последовательница» Дианы Шурыгиной прошла детектор лжи

To prove his innocence, Lebedev passed the lie detector. Examiner Jeanne Stroganoff announced the results of the study.

“In General, the girl spoke the truth. She’s not lying. The girl wants to fit in, but she’s not the format. She would like to be there, but, apparently, laughing. As for the answers to the questions, the ambiguous reaction is on the question of whether the infused vodka into it by force. She didn’t want to do that, poured her or she saw herself,” said the expert.

Stroganov added that he had noticed a mixed reaction and when Lebedev answered the question about forced sexual actions on the part of Egor. Later, she explained his behavior. “She said she agreed to have sexual intercourse because she was cold and scared. Even angelina was afraid for his life. But her memory did not agree information on rape”, said the examiner.

At the end of the program she stated that it is not trying to achieve popularity due to the scandal. In the future she would like to become a psychologist. Now she is studying in 10th class.

“I will create a group that will help girls that were in the same situation. It’s not Diana… I was abused, I was abandoned all the people I thought were my friends. She enrolled as a traitor. For me it was very painful when I coughed out the window and called nasty words. A year later I realized what kind of people is to communicate. From my side, too, was a mistake, but what they did is unforgivable,” said Lebedev.