Follow Dapkunaite and will play cops in the TV series “the Bridge”

Пореченков  и Дапкунайте сыграют полицейских в сериале «Мост»

The actors will perform the main role in Russian version of the Danish-Swedish series about a dangerous maniac and a series of mysterious murders on the border of the two countries.

But if in the Scandinavian series all happening at the famous Öresund bridge between Copenhagen and malmö, in the Russian version of the action will unfold on the bridge of Friendship between the Estonian Narva and Russian Ivangorod.

It is already known that the production of the domestic series are the company “white Media” and it will show on the NTV channel.

“Shooting will start in June this year. Shoot will be in Narva, St. Petersburg, Ivangorod, said Woman’s Day is the Director of marketing and PR “white Media” Irena Nazarov. – There is an agreement with the border guards about the shooting directly on the bridge connecting Narva and Ivangorod, because in normal mode on this bridge it is impossible to shoot anything. But we were allowed”.

The story of the Scandinavian Saga will remain unchanged: one fine day (or rather night) on the bridge connecting the two cities, discovering the corpse of the woman.

Only this time the body lies exactly on the border between Ivangorod and Narva. But it soon becomes clear that the victims were two: the upper part of the corpse belongs to the Deputy of the Estonian Parliament, and the lower – the waitress from Russia.

A double murder investigation, the police of both countries. The Russian side is represented by the investigator Maxim Kazantsev – it will play Mikhail Porechenkov, and the Estonian inspector Inga Veermaa performed by Ingeborga Dapkunaite.

“The bridge” in the Russian adaptation will be the third version of the Scandinavian hit. In July 2013, came on the screens of American TV series in which the action moved to the border between American Texas and Mexico. In the same year was created the Anglo-French version of “the Bridge” where the bridge was replaced by the Eurotunnel, connects Folkestone English and French Calais.

Will make a Russian “Bridge” Konstantin Statsky, Director of last year’s series “C” with Paul Priluchny in the title role.

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