Поролон или силикон? Грудь Водонаевой в центре скандала

The TV presenter has again been suspected of plastic surgery. And this time the occasion is.

No matter how much he told Alena that lush chest given to her by nature and its not been touched by the surgeon’s scalpel, no one believes her. Another photo the stars in swimsuit provoked a new scandal. Internet users are betting: who Vodonaeva gave his breast to the foam or the silicone?

Alena, along with her fiance Anton Korotkov rest in Monaco. There the couple went not without reason – Vodonaevoy July 2, was 34 years old. As you know, the TV presenter doesn’t like to celebrate your birthday and always somewhere escapes. And so it happened this time.

At first, the beauty laid out entirely decent shots – posing in new dresses and suits on the coast. Alena then apparently got bored and began to publish parts of the body, and at night it came to a bikini. Here is what is called a hit!

Sultry Alena posing in transparent sea water, but to look her in the eyes don’t want to, because first of all note pulls the Breasts unrealistically large size!

She broke out the fuss. “Fifth, sixth or a seventh?” – wondering in the Internet.

“Her Breasts are like two sticky ball. A feeling that is going to fall off! Drain silicone carry. What this woman will teach the son? Not only that, before the eyes of a child are constantly a kaleidoscope of faces and names of men, mostly high school age, so this inappropriate image of a “cat “. Well, where? Before Alain was very pleased. Spectacular, beautiful, mom. Now don’t get that” – condemn the girl subscribers.

Others intercede: “Alenka as always, sexy! There is silicone, there is no difference. It is only her own business, it’s her Breasts!”

The main issue that plagues the online community: what made Allen – bra with foam-rubber or all-silicone?

Recall that the star had previously said the girls do not believe in the naturalness of its forms.

“I don’t understand and these ladies,” – said Vodonaeva correspondent to Woman’s Day. — Don’t they know what a bra is and why you need it? Maybe that will reveal to them a secret, but with the help of bra can be cool to change the size and shape of the Breasts.”

Maybe I blame a good bra?

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