Flying was not allowed in the trendy Metropolitan restaurant

Летучую не пустили в модный столичный ресторан

The presenter was not able to enter the kitchen of a Moscow restaurant and arranged a showdown.

Lena Flying has always been a leading character. Would it otherwise check out as many institutions?! After a break in the filming (while the program was led by Olga Romanov. – Approx. Wday) TV star with even greater zeal took over.

And here is another taken the program over the scandal. The administrator of an institution refused to allow journalists into the restaurant kitchen.

“Our restaurant has common rules that apply to absolutely everyone everywhere. We must not forget that it is a private business and it is protected by some nice laws. We coordinate all the shooting, without exception, that we are already later explained PR-the Director of the restaurant, the website Is it the safety of our visitors.”

According to the representative of the restaurant, the crew behaved provocatively.

“An unidentified group of men shouting and strange order broke into our facility. It was lunchtime when the restaurant had a lot of guests. People in dirty clothes without any permission and tried to enter the hazardous area where a lot of hot, electricity and cooks are,” said the PR Director.

Stellar blonde in the party also decided not to stay. She later expressed her opinion about the incident in his own microblog on Instagram.

“Institutions, like people, have their own masks,” said Bat.