Flying over Elena in mortal danger

Над Еленой Летучей нависла смертельная опасность
The presenter told about threats of violence.

Elena Letuchaya

Work Helena Flying has always been associated with certain risks. Because not all the owners of the establishments of the services sector to be pleased surprise visits main “Revizorro” of the country. Recently it became clear that now the life of the presenter is in grave danger. Flying, as it turned out, threatened with death. And it was so serious that Helen was hired security, which is now a step from her side.

“Threatening me with violence. The guard actually hired. Promised to tarnish the reputation. And “the campaign to smear my name” is in full swing! The authorities reported. And we know who’s doing it!” told Volatile.

Incidentally, the last season of the popular TV show, which this time Elena checked institutions of Moscow, received a great response. The capital’s restaurateurs, which would seem to be a pattern of compliance with all rules and regulations, do not put yourself in the best light. In one recently aired releases Volatile met in the restaurant very unfriendly. She tried to lock him in the freezer and poured a bucket of water. By the way, fans of the presenter suggesting that the death threats, allegedly, is the owner of this establishment. However, Elena to publicly announce the name of the offender did not.