От Елены Летучей отвернулись поклонники
The presenter was again in the center of the scandal.

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: @Instagram elenapegas Helena Fly

Elena Letuchaya was in a very unpleasant position. The fact that the presenter does not only
exposing unscrupulous restaurateurs, but also the training of future professionals, she works in UNIVERSITY Department of journalism. Under the leadership of Elena training
have already passed dozens of students, but it was a nasty surprise: the Rosobrnadzor
deprived of the accreditation Institute. Now the UNIVERSITY applicants can not get a diploma
the state sample, and the young people will not be able to take advantage of the reprieve from
the army, which seriously frightened the applicants.

However, Fugitive continues
“drum” former students for admission to the UNIVERSITY, as lead
educational activities, though without the issuance of a state diploma
sample, he has every right. However, members Helen criticized her for
call to enroll in UNIVERSITY: “the Boys go to the army! Girls — forget about
master’s degree, and therefore, a decent employer! This paper, “without
state printing” can print at home and not pay the money…”
“Great, of course, but it yesterday was deprived of the accreditation!”. Some fans admitted that they are disappointed with the behavior of Helena.

Flying, as always, quickly
responded to the criticism and said that she was finished
UNIVERSITY and built a successful career. “I was there! And I also do
not needed, but I wanted to work and made myself! Who you become depends on you! The Institute provides a good base for further work! I
personally, a few talented students on
work on TV is staged!” been met Elena.