Flying distance: the sacrifices had to go to the stars-bikers

Летящий вдаль: на какие жертвы пришлось пойти звездам-байкерам Many celebrities can not imagine their life without extreme. Olga Drozdova saddled up the iron horse after her husband Dmitry Pevtsov and Sergey Dorenko has received the right to drive a vehicle only after 18 years of driving.
Летящий вдаль: на какие жертвы пришлось пойти звездам-байкерам

Alex Kravchenko saved his wife from attack, and Elena Flying has changed gender. A Day rider, which is celebrated today, June 19, “StarHit” learned what sacrifices are the stars of the bikers.

Small yet

Olga Drozdova does not allow the son to manage

An avid motorcyclist Dmitry Pevtsov infected with this passion and spouse: Olga Drozdova, which at first with suspicion and were apprehensive about the passion of her husband, and now she is not averse to drive a Yamaha. “We the family are boring, – says Olga “StarHit”. – Not break the rules, not leachim. I sit on the bike on the back roads, where no cars in the city do not go. For the husband is calm, he is by nature cautious and attentive, and before becoming a motorcyclist, passed special courses of safe driving”.

Meanwhile, her son, 9-year-old Elisha, Dmitry and Olga do not give the steer the iron horse.

“A little more, and the child did not sleep – you will see that we allow the child to control the bike, and take my son away, – joked Olga. – But seriously, Elisha likes to ride with me and dad, maybe when you grow up to become a biker – I think Dima will not object…”

Daring as the bullet sharp

Sergei Dorenko 18 years of driving without a license

Летящий вдаль: на какие жертвы пришлось пойти звездам-байкерам

Broadcaster dreamed of two-wheeled friend from a young age, but to become a motorcyclist did not allow him daddy. “He is a fighter pilot and said, “Son, motorcycles, and helicopters – not our transport, whether it is planes and cars…” – says Sergey. And only at the age of 38 I managed to convince him that it is time for my dream to come true”. Now Dorenko two bike brands, Ducati and Triumph Bonneville. However, the right to manage, “a” category, he received only a year ago, after 18 years of riding. “What is most interesting, over the years, even if someone stopped and asked to produce documents – no!” – says the star.

Dorenko acknowledged that he had to feel a dislike of motorists.

Летящий вдаль: на какие жертвы пришлось пойти звездам-байкерам“Like all motorcyclists, I veer between machines, and it’s not always like their owners, – says Sergey “StarHit”. – Once I started to pull over the driver of the truck. At the next traffic light I stopped, parked the bike, walked up to the cabin. Open the door, ask the driver why he’s mad. Warned him that not all people are non-confrontational, like me, many motorcyclists travel around with a hammer, which break lights those who attempt to “educate”. Went peacefully…”

Just calm

Alex Kravchenko suffered on the road for his beloved

Летящий вдаль: на какие жертвы пришлось пойти звездам-байкерам

“Like many boys, I grew fond of scooter, and later became interested in motorcycles,” says Alex “StarHit”. On the road he often is wife, actress Nadezhda Borisova, on his motorcycle. Four years ago the couple there was a situation that forced them to reconsider the attitude to driving.

“We are at five in the morning returned home on two bikes, – says Alexei. – At some point, we came alongside the cab on the passenger car, he began to squeeze Nadia may, was drunk, maybe crazy, I don’t know, but clearly not adequate… I stood up for the beloved, began to show signs boor, so he stopped, but he suddenly punched me in the back wheel and disappeared. All of this is over my fall and shoulder injury. I had to go to the hospital… I wish I took a picture of his room after found and figured out. Since then, the act of driving safer: if someone agressiruet just slow down – let the freak is going on. Track – the thing is this: you did not have time to turn his head – the situation on the road has changed radically, and now, and now, from your actions depends, will you see the evening ones or not.”

I’m not Lena

Elena Bat had to pretend to be a man

“I’ve always loved guys on motorcycles,” – says TV presenter. Therefore, it is often a company wife Yuri, sitting behind him on the iron horse. “Love to ride on the night Moscow. It’s an incredible feeling of freedom,” says TV presenter “StarHit”. However, a new passion Helena makes the experience her mother Lyudmila Alexandrovna, and not always unfounded: last year on the way to Jurmala with a pair the incident occurred. When the town was about 30 km, ran out of gas.

“He stalled, we didn’t know what to do, – says Elena. – Began to guess Yura will go to the gas station, and I got the motorcycle, or Vice versa. Stopped at the first option… it Was scary one, but Yuri figured out how to make it so that cars passing by could not see me, dressed in a suit and helmet, the girl. Husband told: go to the tree and pretend to defecate, then no one will doubt that you’re a guy. I obeyed – and, indeed, motorists passing through. And soon Yura gasoline arrived”.