Flour beauty: Pynzar, Anokhin Nachalova and openly talked about plastic

Муки красоты: Пынзарь, Анохина и Началова откровенно рассказали о пластике Stars who went under the surgeon’s knife, has shared with “StarHit” the memories of what they had to endure in pursuit of a figure of dreams. So, Daria Pynzar lost my breast milk, and ISA Anokhin could not lift weights due to pain in his hands.
Муки красоты: Пынзарь, Анохина и Началова откровенно рассказали о пластике

Catch admiring glances on the beach is always nice. But a sexy body is a big job that often requires not only financial investment, but also enormous patience. Daria Pynzar after breast augmentation pain could not eat, and Julia Nachalova almost died from a blood infection. Stars, trust plastic surgeons, said the “StarHit”, what agony they had to endure in pursuit of a figure of dreams.

Daria Pynzar

“Touched a boob and scared”

Муки красоты: Пынзарь, Анохина и Началова откровенно рассказали о пластике

Surgery: breast enlargement

Price matters: from 250 thousand rubles

Challenges: “After the birth of my first son Artem, I was faced with a common problem – the bust has lost its shape, – said the “StarHit” Daria. – After much deliberation decided on surgery. Of course, I had fears and doubts, and suddenly anesthesia is not going to work? I put gel implants under the muscle.The pain was such that the spoon did what I could, the desire is gone. But the issue with the postoperative diet was resolved. All the time wanted to touch the chest, remove the bandage and see what’s happened. Once I pressed and heard a crunch… the Sensation was strange, as if inside there were the bubbles. I was scared. Then the doctor explained that this is swelling.

Fully recovered only after 2-3 months. By the way, after the second birth (may 15, 2016, Daria gave birth to the son of David. – Approx. “StarHit”) Breasts are not floppy, and it was even better. Don’t know why that is, but now the bust looks more natural. However, stress has not been.

When the first “arrival” of milk, everything ached so that I thought I’d go mad from the pain! And then completely stopped feeding herself. The milk was gone. Worried and almost fell into a depression. Scolded myself, what I say, so-and-so’s mother. However, doctors reassured me – it’s not implants”.

Svetlana Anokhina

“The body was not ready”

Surgery: brachioplasty – arm lift

The question price: 250 thousand rubles

Difficulties: “I’ve always been thin, but my hands compared to the body seemed larger, – admitted “StarHit” ISA. – Maybe it’s heredity. As much as I lose weight and not kill myself in the gym, they remain the same size. Someone will say that all thinking, but I know better own body. About the operation for the first time after the birth of my first son Themselves in 2010, but dared only this year. Two weeks ago went under the surgeon’s knife. I was lucky: I met with the doctor Seymur Aliyev. Incidentally, he is the master of the priests. I made incisions under the arms and through the tube drained 150 grams of fat with both hands.

Муки красоты: Пынзарь, Анохина и Началова откровенно рассказали о пластике

Dr. Aliev said, “ISA, what the fat to disappear? To give you a beautiful buttocks will do as the Brazilians”. Seymour has collected all the excess from the hips, knees, sides and belly, and all this mass served as the material to create a neat, round, but quite small ass. The price of all this beauty high. I mean not money, but a horrible pain that felt at first. The body was not ready for such interventions. Of course, I took antibiotics and painkillers, but they only dull the discomfort.

You’re all swelling, dressings… the Youngest son of Elvis eight months, I rocked him, played with him. Hands, of course, hurt, but nowhere to go, because I’m a mom. Lifting weights and doing anything around the house yet. First, even regretted that he had taken such a step, but now I see that body every day is getting better, and I’m glad. Just initially, you need to tune into what will have to suffer”.

Julia Nachalova

“I started blood poisoning”

Operation: breast reduction

The question price: from 300 thousand rubles

Difficulties: “the Operation nearly cost me my life. 11 years ago after the birth of daughter Faith, I have tried by all means to return to the previous form, but to no avail. Looked in the mirror and didn’t like myself. Clothes began to sit differently. Appeared complexes. But I’m a singer all the time on the stage, in plain sight. Appearance – part of my job. Then turned for help to a plastic surgeon. Increased breast size up to four. Of course, I was warned about the risks, but assured that in most cases all goes smoothly. I could not imagine, what will happen to me the worst – implants don’t last.

Муки красоты: Пынзарь, Анохина и Началова откровенно рассказали о пластикеIt all started with the deterioration of health, but because the tour didn’t have time to go to the doctor and do a survey. I worked, acted as if nothing had happened, but the strength seemed to leave me. The result reached critical situation. I flew to Los Angeles, where at that time lived periodically. On Board the plane, I felt sick, felt a strong pain, my head swam, began to lose consciousness. Perapolis flight attendants during the landing and contacted doctors from a nearby clinic. From the airport I was taken to the ambulance straight to the operating table. It turned out that because of the failure of the operation began sepsis – blood poisoning.

I almost died but I saved the time, pumped out and put on feet. The old implants out and I went back to the old forms, realizing that the smaller size is more convenient to live. Since to health are extremely closely. And I like that now people look me in the eye, not the chest.”

Gabriella Da Silva

“A month could not sit”

Operation: lipofilling of the buttocks

The question price: from 600 thousand roubles

Difficulties: “In Brazil, where I was born, to plastic surgeons go, as to the dentist, – shared the singer with “StarHit”. – When I was 20 years old, I had a boob job, what has never regretted. This year again resorted to the services of doctors made the injections. Speaking in simple words, it is “pumping” your own fat from one place to another. The fact that after two kids my core has not changed for the better – there was a looseness…

I wanted not to increase forms, but only to make them more rounded. Of course, fear, and suddenly there are any problems on the operating table? But an experienced plastic surgeon inspired confidence. Everything went perfectly. During rehabilitation, it was necessary to strictly observe two rules: for a month I couldn’t sit, and was allowed to sleep on my stomach. It was a real test. By the way, the second condition was to perform dialogue. Night wildly wanted to roll over or even lay on my side. But the doctor forbade. But the result was worth the month of discomfort. As a reward I got a perfect butt, which is very happy.”