Florence Illi-Hvorostovsky: “Dima dream about me every night”

Флоранс Илли-Хворостовская: «Дима снится мне каждую ночь» My interview with the main woman singer, seductive baritone whom the world considered demonic.
Флоранс Илли-Хворостовская: «Дима снится мне каждую ночь»

Unusual decoration on the neck of the beauties of Florence, I noticed immediately. In response to my opinion it is gentle for the Golden ring on a chain and after a pause says: “It’s Dima… Gave when we got married. It is always with me.”

Six months ago, gone from the life of Dmitri Hvorostovsky. A huge talent, a real handsome man, fans of his amazing voice as did Opera lovers worldwide, “demonic baritone” – sad still. What can we say about the woman who was next to almost 19 years! Talking to me, Florence tried to hold on.

– It was the place that Dimitri was particularly fond of?

. He loved to stay with me and children and in those rare moments he was perfectly happy.

In the past the pianist, Opera singer, film actress who became his Muse brilliant wife and friend, she is also a mother of two children. 15-year-old stalwart Maxim outdoor fatherly smile, and his younger sister Nina in a year could follow daddy complex operatic roles. “You’re my Busia”, is affectionately called Hvorostovsky daughter and supported her son the desire to play sports.

Maxim is often in the gym. He says I want to be like my father. After all, Dima, even when sick, and then another, and broke my arm and still tried to swim. Through the pain trained, recalls Florence.

Флоранс Илли-Хворостовская: «Дима снится мне каждую ночь»

With a splash her iPhone looking at us Hvorostovsky – flying hair, bright eyes, strong, muscular arms.

Is my Dimochka! ‘she says, explaining that stores all the texts, videos and pictures of her husband. – Often open WhatsApp, listen to Dima’s message. His voice helps me. A concert recording can’t listen very hard.

I include a video of the last performance of a singer in his native Krasnoyarsk in June of last year. Trying not to fall, Hvorostovsky bows stood the hall, trying to shout over the applause, slightly trembling voice says: “I had to come back!”

– I can’t – Florence turns away from the screen. She is silent, lowers his head and then, having coped with excitement, says that things and clothing Dmitry are intact.

You know, there are people who after the loss of a man all clean and changed. But I don’t feel anything. I’m not ready…
Флоранс Илли-Хворостовская: «Дима снится мне каждую ночь»

– Is it true that once Dmitry told you: “there is no God!”?

– Yes, he was struggling. Smile, and suffering because of the terrible! I now say: “my Husband was your guardian angel”. But the person physically there, and it is easier from this becomes.

In the last year of life of Dmitry Florence long to decide how to tell children about what is happening, they are still so young. But Hvorostovsky he started a conversation: “you Have a mother. Help her, be near.”

And he said to me: “Life goes on. You beautiful, young. I really wish you found a man who respected and loved you like me.” But he gave me so much love! It is simply impossible! Dima is an extraordinary man.

The first Christmas without her husband, Florence has decided to celebrate mom and brother in Geneva. Some fans then threw the poison, saying that another six months had passed, and she dares to smile?!

They probably dream that I was sitting at home dressed in black and crying. But Dima wouldn’t want that, I know! I, of course, still a little difficult to be happy. They say time heals. But such love will never forget! It forever. I loved, love and will love.

Florence almost makes no mistakes in pronunciation: for the sake of her husband, she immediately decided to begin to learn the language.

Dima most tender words always say it in Russian, in the beginning I didn’t understand them, only guess. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she said how she was touched by the recent words of the son. “Mom, – said Maxim – I know daddy is watching you and is proud of”.

– You did everything you could. And thanks to your work Dmitry, what is incredible to have lived with such a terrible diagnosis more than two years, but that day when you found out about his illness, of course, remember…

We did not believe, and together said, can not be a mistake! But after a consultation with a leading specialist from new York, where we flew after diagnosis English doctors, all became apparent.

– You dream it?

– Every night.