Шлепки и лифчик: Рита Ора спасается от жары

The British singer appeared on the streets of new York in a revealing summer kit.

The star arrived in new York in the midst of the summer heat, alternating with showers and thunderstorms. That though as-that to escape from the heat, Rita Ora wore a very skimpy outfit – in fact, anything else we did not expect.

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Paparazzi noticed Rita while walking in new York. On this day, the singer came out in a plain white bra for sports, wide jeans and rubber flip flops Adidas. The outfit Rita Ora looked, to put it mildly, it is strange not only because of the “rustic” shoes.

Picking up the image of a bra, the star clearly did not take into account your curvy shape that she loves to put on public display. Bra was not too successful, visually giving the bust of the singer’s sloppy and ugly appearance. Chest British pop diva looked saggy largely due to the wrong style of underwear. However, Ora seems to have decided not to pay attention to this “trifle”.

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