«Перелет, работа, перелет»: чем жил ансамбль имени Александрова Artists flew to Syria to support the soldiers. 64 members of the Alexandrov ensemble, including the head of the famous orchestra Valery Khalilov, will forever be the passengers of the plane Tu-154, December 25, made his last tragic voyage.

    «Перелет, работа, перелет»: чем жил ансамбль имени Александрова

    Aboard crashed in the Black sea the ship were the journalists of the Federal TV channels, the famous Doctor Liza, who devoted most of his life helping the needy, and all the members of the choir of the song and dance Ensemble named after A.V. Aleksandrov, in addition to three soloists and a part of the ballet troupe. The artists were heading to Syria to give a Christmas concert for the Russian military to support them. According to the grandson of the founder of the Alexandrov ensemble Evgeny, the artists planned to perform classical works, including “Holy war”. To be intended under a minus soundtrack, so the orchestra did not go to Syria. Moscow also remains a large part of the ballet troupe. Thus, the legendary ensemble, composed of 186 people have lost 64 artist. The tragedy with Tu-154. As we remember Dr. Lisa

    “This is a terrible grief. Killed the entire color of the ensemble. All the best soloists, the entire chorus. Grandfather said: “there is No choir, no band”, – says Evgeny Alexandrov. – The same artists remained in Moscow, but died the best. A lot of flying around the world, crashed in Russia.”

    “Flight, job flight” – so recalls the everyday life of the artists of the group former employee who appeared at the Agricultural building in the alley of the capital, housed the office of the Academic song and dance ensemble of Alexandrov.
    «Перелет, работа, перелет»: чем жил ансамбль имени Александрова

    Indeed, the artists of the team had to fly almost every three days. Whether it is an ordinary military base on the territory of our country, or hotspots, where the heavy fighting — the difference for them. Invariably cheerful, shining, with burning eyes, they spoke to the soldiers, carrying out their sacred mission — the maintenance of morale.

    The ensemble regularly gave concerts in military districts, units and units of the Russian Army, often traveled to war zones — Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Transnistria, Tajikistan, Chechnya. The ensemble traveled on tours throughout Russia and more than 70 countries. In the history of the team with 88-year history there have been thousands of concerts. Alexandrov choir accompanied the red army soldiers from the Belarus station to fight the Nazis. Then the artists sang right on the front under the whistling bullets, supporting those who protect the homeland.

    The death of such a large musical collective — an extremely rare event. Our compatriots are well aware of the history of tragedies, victims are sports teams. Hardly the world will be able to forget the collapse of the liner with the hockey players of “Locomotive” on Board, the death of an entire American figure skating team in 1961, the tragedy of 1977, when the life is gone all athletes of the basketball team of the University of Evansville. Also in memory forever be a disaster, participants of which were the players of the Brazilian team, “Epicoene” that occurred in November of this year.

    In a plane crash in the Black sea this morning killed the head of the group, chief military conductor of Russia, the 64-year-old Lieutenant-General Valery Khalilov. He was one of the organizers of the popular festival of military orchestras “Spasskaya tower” is annually held in Moscow.

    «Перелет, работа, перелет»: чем жил ансамбль имени Александрова “He was one of the people who are responsible for military music and themselves from its bowels came out. His father was a conductor, brother of the conductor, and the nephew is now a military conductor in Sevastopol. So with 11 years while in the army and after seven years of cadets, V. M. life was associated with military music. He said that he’s thrilled with the increased attention to military music, this made more opportunities. He could do much useful for art and beautiful to our souls. Remember and mourn,” wrote on the page of the tragically deceased General in the “Facebook” one of his loved ones.

    Today, the Network has found an entry last performance of the Alexandrov ensemble. In the video the ensemble’s musicians perform in front of an audience in the suburban town of Odintsovo. The video was recorded on 3 December.

    In the crash of Tu-154 killed the author of the song “Polite people”, the head of the Department of culture, Ministry of defense 51-year-old Anton Gubankov, who has accompanied artists in Syria.

    Anton Gubankov was appointed to this position in 2013, prior to that, he was Minister of culture of Moscow region. Despite the seriousness of the Department, from the first steps proved to be a very creative Manager. In the summer of 2013 Gubankov blew up the Internet a video in which he raps about military service. “I want to be in trend, cultural and bold? Loans quickly military business”, – sounded in the clip. In April 2014 Anton Gubankov has written the lyrics to the song “friendly people” devoted to the events in Crimea. Played the song just the Alexandrov ensemble. The song quickly became a hit.

    «Перелет, работа, перелет»: чем жил ансамбль имени Александрова “I’m in complete shock… Anton, how so?! Will remember, will pray… my Heart is crying…”, “I can’t believe! The bright memory of… my Most sincere condolences to the family” – such comments leave friends and acquaintances of Anton Gubankova on his page in the social network.

    But as in any tragedy, in the story of the crash of the Tu-154 is a wonderful salvation. The two soloist of the Alexandrov ensemble survived due to their children. Vadim Ananiev eve born son, who was the third child in his family. Singer stayed home to help his wife with children.

    “They came towards me in particular, Valery Khalilov, – said Vadim Ananiev. It hurts to realize that my colleagues and friends there. Imagine my condition, I know children, wives of my colleagues. The team needs to work no matter what. It is a tragedy for the whole country, but the ensemble should sound”.

    Didn’t go to Syria and another artist of the famous ensemble — Vladimir Hlebnikov. He had two days before the trip I got sick daughter, and the man took sick.

    Page of stars of Russian show business 25th of December was filled with posts of sympathy and sorrow. Many of them remembered how he acted on one stage with artists of the famous group. “We flew for such a good cause, and such a terrible tragedy. A few years ago I was lucky enough to perform with the ensemble on the same stage,” wrote the singer Jasmine. “May 2009. Along with the performers of the Alexandrov ensemble sang the song “Us catch up”. At such moments, think about how everything is transient. People, appreciate your loved ones”, said Yulia Volkova.

    Prepared according to the publications of “Medusa”, “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, govoritmoskva.ru, life.ru.