Flight attendants saved the child from death on the way to Simferopol

Стюардессы спасли ребенка от смерти по пути в Симферополь Stewardess from Yekaterinburg, was not taken aback in the crucial moment. 10-year-old boy’s heart stopped on the plane. The crew took emergency measures to save the life of a passenger.
Стюардессы спасли ребенка от смерти по пути в Симферополь

The Network does not stop to discuss the story of 10-year-old boy, who is on Board the plane EN route from Yekaterinburg to Simferopol, suddenly became ill. After nearly an hour after takeoff, the child’s mother asked the flight attendants – she raised the alarm when her son fainted. The crew did not panic and immediately began to take the necessary measures to save the boy.

“The first thing I had to do to assess its condition. I saw that the child stopped breathing, had no pulse and heartbeat. Skin started to turn white… to Spend time was impossible, that’s understandable. You know what’s important seconds. I made a decision about resuscitation. Emotions at this point. First thought — we need to help him. It needs to live,” said a senior flight attendant Aksana Asako.

Fortunately, among the passengers was a nurse-intensive care specialist was able to help the child. It turned out that the boy’s heart stopped.

“When the child came to himself, we began to ask him questions. It was important to understand whether the boy to speak. He, though with difficulty, but questions answered. We connected it to a continuous supply of oxygen. His mother said that earlier nothing like this ever happens, that child is absolutely healthy and serious diseases do not suffer,” – says the hostess.

After learning about what happened on Board, the pilot decided on an emergency landing. Despite the fact that the plane carried out flight on a route Ekaterinburg-Simferopol, he landed at the airport of Samara. The trap drove the ambulance that took the boy to the hospital.

On Board the passengers began to resent having to stop because they understand what’s at stake a child’s life. Aksana Adamko told the publication 66.ru that for all time of its work this incident happened for the first time. Thanks professioanlly training all staff were aware of how to properly respond to such incidents.